What are the six axes of the six-axis joint robot?

2020-05-20 14:47:56
The co-robot mainly refers to the co-robot with three, four, five, six or even seven axes. Each robot is different according to its use mode and application field. So let's see what each of the six axes of the six-axis robot does.

For example, the six-axis co-robot independently developed and produced by Techrobots. Take a look at this six-axis robot. Each axis is driven by a joint module, and the movement mode and direction of each axis are different. Six axis co-robot


Techrobots six-axis co-robot six-axis diagram

One axis is the base: the first axis connects the part of the base and mainly carries the weight of the upper axis and the left and right rotation of the base. The left and right turns are driven by the motor and reducer built into the joint. Each axis replaces one direction of movement and the motion range of one axis can reach ±360°.

The two axes are the shoulders: the two axes control the function of the robot's main arm swinging back and forth and the whole arm moving up and down.

The three axes are the elbows: the three axes are also used to control the back and forth swing of the robot, but the swing arm range of the third axis is smaller than that of the second axis.

The four axes are for the wrist: the four axes are for the control of the fine-tuning up and down turning movement, the rotation motion range can be up to ±180°.

Five axis for the wrist: five axis control fine-tuning left and right rotation, rotation motion range up to ±180°.

The six axes are the wrist: the six axes are the end joints, which are responsible for the work of the end fixture. The rotation motion range can reach ±360°.

The following are pictures and application examples of each joint axis of Techrobots  six-axis co-robot.
An application example of co-robot

Practical application of Techrobots 

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