Under the impact of covid-19, the development of medical robots took off

2020-05-21 16:03:06
In recent years, with the continuous development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, more and more robots have emerged in the medical industry, which is an important aspect of people's livelihood. These robots infiltrate into the rehabilitation, surgery, medical services and other links, and are collectively referred to as "medical robots". The emergence and application of medical robots have not only greatly relieved the pressure on medical staff and effectively solved the problem of medical resource shortage, but also promoted the intelligent upgrading and development of the medical industry.
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The emergence of medical robots cannot be separated from the promotion of practical needs. At present, according to the international standards of division, China is in the aging society development stage. The proportion of the elderly population continues to rise, which makes people's health and medical needs increase sharply. At the same time, the increasing number of disabled patients in China also has a huge demand for medical services. In this context, how to provide adequate health care and supplies becomes the key.

For a long time, China's medical supply capacity has been relatively weak due to factors such as economic development level, medical service cost, medical resources, medical technology level and medical security system. According to relevant data, only 20% of the people in China are satisfied with the current medical system. In other words, existing medical care is increasingly out of step with The Times. On the one hand, medical equipment, medical staff and other resources are limited and unbalanced, so it is difficult to meet the increasing medical demand. On the other hand, the huge medical cost also brings great pressure to the medical service. Coupled with the frequent incidents of violent medical injuries and the deteriorating relationship between doctors... All these have brought obstacles and challenges to the development of the industry.

It is based on this, medical robot talent emerged! After robot is integrated into the medical field, it can not only solve the problems of resources, cost and technology by replacing people, but also avoid the occurrence of medical conflicts and enhance the level of medical service. It can be said that the application value is very significant. Therefore, since the application of medical robots, a brand new market is also opening up.

Relevant data show that nowadays, medical robot has become the main growth point of service robot development in China. In 2019, medical robots accounted for 40 percent of the domestic service robot market, far more than home and public service robots, and the actual scale reached more than 500 million us dollars. Some experts have predicted that medical robots are expected to become the second largest robot market in China after industrial robots in 2020. Based on this, more than 40 enterprises have been involved in the field of medical robot in China, among which there are a large number of listed enterprises, such as xinsong robot, chutian science and technology. In 2019, almost half of the medical robot enterprises received financing, with the total amount exceeding 800 million yuan. This undoubtedly reflects the hot development of China's medical robot industry.

And since this year, with outbreaks of pneumonia outbreak, medical robots a lot into the front "disease", through the provision of contactless antivirus disinfection, remote measuring temperature, no infection isolation room, call and call screening, reply consulting services such as epidemic, in special application value at the same time, also further the development of the industry.

While effectively ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, the medical robot also meets the daily needs of the epidemic area, showing the significant value of its application to all people. Meanwhile, the simultaneous acceleration of 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies has opened a new chapter in the development of medical robots. It is believed that in the near future, medical robots supported by 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies will enjoy comprehensive commercial development. Of course, the realization of full commercialization is not easy, and it is not enough to seize the opportunity alone, but to solve the inherent problems.

At present, the development of medical robots in China is still in the primary stage, with insufficient technology application and low market penetration. The reasons are all caused by the influence of technology, cost and practical application effect. In this context, to help my medical robotics business mature, we need to do the following:

The first step is to accelerate technological breakthroughs. At present, many medical robot market segments have been occupied by foreign countries, but we only learn from foreign technical experience is difficult to catch up. Based on this, Chinese enterprises must strengthen independent technology research and development, improve technology conversion rate, enhance the actual experience and effect of technology, use technology to catch up with the head to narrow the gap, with the help of technology upgrading to promote commercial landing. Secondly, product penetration should be promoted. At present, due to the high price, poor performance, the use of standards and other reasons, China's medical robot really landing application is not much. Under such circumstances, China needs to make improvements in terms of functions and costs to enhance the competitiveness of domestic products. It also needs to increase the popularity of value to users and make medical robots more acceptable to more people.