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Tech Robots prioritizes customer needs, advancing its tailored services with cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging strong research and development capabilities and mastering core servo drive technology, the company has successfully delivered comprehensive product sets, including servo drives, joint modules, and robotic arms, to over 100 customers worldwide. Serving diverse sectors such as education, research, industry, and healthcare, Tech Robots has gained extensive industry experience and established an efficient after-sales service system, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

  1. Customized Joint Modules

  2. Customized Cobots

  3. Customized Servo Drives

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  • Hardware Customization

    Re-developing hardware and solutions based on specific customer requirements to help them explore new projects.

  • Brake and Force Sensors Customization

    Customize the installation of brakes and force sensors based on actual requirements, allowing for more optimal robot development.

  • Structure Customization

    Customizing different structures based on customer requirements, including appearance, dimensions, structure, and manufacturing processes.

  • Absolute Encoder Customization

    Ensuring more precise robot positioning and better stability of the running trajectory.

  • Communication Customization

    EtherCAT, CANopen, and other communication options are available, supporting compatibility with a wide range of mainstream robot controllers.

  • Brand Customization

    Supports customized logos on the robot body, helping clients establish a branded image for better market expansion.

  • Exclusive Shell Customization

    Meets customers' design requirements for the independent design of the mechanical arm's appearance and color.

  • Controllable Costs

    Reduce the R&D costs and personnel investment in joint development during the robot development process.

Customized Cases

Our aim is to be long-term partners in success.

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OEM Customization Service Process

  1. Requirement Communication
    Requirement Communication
  2. Technical Evaluation
    Technical Evaluation
  3. Business Discussion
    Business Discussion
  4. Contract Signing
    Contract Signing
  5. Project Implementation
    Project Implementation
  6. Sample Inspection
    Sample Inspection
  7. Product Delivery
    Product Delivery
  8. Technical Support
    Technical Support