Technical Advantages
  • Pursuing excellence, mastering core technologies

    Tech Robots, with 16 years of industry experience, holds a profound understanding of core technologies, including collaborative robot servo drive, mechanical structure design simulation, and robot control systems.

  • Customer-first approach, one-stop customization

    From servo motors, servo drivers, encoders, to joint modules, to dual-arm flexible collaborative robots, Tech Robots provides a complete collaborative robot solution, empowering customers to quickly implement applications.

  • Practical efficiency, focused on innovative R&D

    A core R&D team of over 20 members, maintaining technological leadership to ensure continuous market leadership. Prioritizing customer feedback, continually optimizing products, placing customer value at the forefront, and providing robust technical support for your business development.

  • Rich product categories, catering to diverse scenarios

    Versatile joint modules designed for collaborative robots, quadruped robots, bipedal robots, humanoid robots, etc. Our series, including MJX, RJSII, RJSIIZ, DJB, caters to diverse scenarios and customer needs, with options for exclusive customization.