Medical Rehabilitation Robot

2023-12-06 14:06:16

In China, the population affected by stroke is extensive. To meet the growing demand for rehabilitation therapy, Tech Robots has customized products specifically for the rehabilitation medical industry. Based on the TB6 series, the redesigned appearance is more exquisite and aesthetic. With six degrees of freedom, it can facilitate smooth completion of rehabilitation-assisting movements for upper limbs, lower limbs, head, etc.
The new generation joint modules ensure high-load output at the end, providing seamless assistance for treatment and functional rehabilitation. To ensure safety, the robot is equipped with a force feedback system.

Addressing pain points:
1. Substitute for rehabilitation therapists, providing professional services: Rehabilitation robots can free up limited medical resources by delivering professional rehabilitation services through predefined programs.
2. Accurate movements, stable force, and angle: Leveraging the robot's high precision and stability, it can offer precise and reliable rehabilitation movements. With the support of a powerful feedback system, the movements become smoother and safer.

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