Co-robot, for the enterprise automation production help

At present, China's manufacturing industry still faces many automation difficulties. China's manufacturing industry has a huge demand for front-line employees, a high turnover rate, rising wages and an aging population. However, the personalized needs of 3C users are increasing, product upgrading speed is accelerating, and product quality requirements are getting higher and higher. For enterprises, in the future market, they need to bring their products to the market more quickly, and the requirements for production cycle are getting higher and higher. On the one hand, they need to increase the use of equipment and reduce labor costs; On the other hand, they need more accurate marketing to achieve customer customization.

The internal and external environment of manufacturing industry is constantly changing. Many factors have become the upgrading of production lines and the transformation of enterprise structure, which also enable industrial enterprises to adapt to the changes in industry and market demand. Compared with traditional industries, co-robots are compact in structure, flexible in deployment, able to work closely with people and share working space, and easy to learn in operation, further liberating human productivity and making people pay more attention to innovation.

Techrobots  co-robots can automate a variety of applications, which is in line with the new trend of flexible manufacturing in the 3C industry and enhances its ability to automate.

In the wave of development of co-robots, Techrobots robots continue to innovate and continuously launch the Ta6 series and TB6 series co-robots. They are small in size, easy to carry, easy to operate different processes in the workshop, easy to program, and users can save programs for reuse.

A co-robot is a very flexible tool that can perform similar movements as a human arm. They have a very wide range of movements. They are not fatigued and are able to perform dangerous tasks without being harmed. However, the flexibility, portability and security of Techrobots smart phone are the biggest highlights of collaboration.

Application of Techrobots co-robot in 3C industry

Techrobots  co-robots can achieve automation for a variety of applications and are widely used in the 3C electronics industry. It's no longer a new concept, but it's a fact. In the automation process, the tb6-r5 co-robot has a working radius of only 933mm and can replace workers to remove undetected parts from the belt, move them to the place where the equipment is tested, take out the finished test materials in the test box, and put the materials waiting for the parts into the test box. Finally, the robot places the part under test into the next belt to complete the operation, without the need for a production line deployment. The increased pace and efficiency of production has saved significant time and cost and freed up manpower to play a role in creating higher value-added jobs. Not only that, Techrobots co-robot in the mobile phone manufacturing technology can also perform line installation, screw locking, functional testing, membrane sealing, labeling, welding, transfer, special testing and other complex technologies, and requires rapid tapping.

As a pioneer in the field of co-robot in China, Techrobots has achieved good results in both technical level and market performance, promoting the application and development of co-robot enterprises in the 3c industry, and enabling enterprises to realize automation.