Artificial intelligence lighting industrial intelligent manufacturing

2019-11-13 16:16:14
In order to truly implement the grand blueprint of industry 4.0, further develop and use the role of data collection through big data and different components, and realize production automation, intelligent mechanical equipment is essential. In general, we can find the potential of further automation from the historical data of machine tools. Therefore, it can be said that intelligent production is the key to the success of industry 4.0.
Application of artificial intelligence
Entrusted by the government's Ministry of economy and energy, a research conducted by the Berlin innovation and Technology Research Institute indicates that AI technology has great potential in the value-added production industry. In the next five years, only using AI technology in German industrial enterprises will bring about 31.8 billion euros of added value. Therefore, it can be said that artificial intelligence technology bears one third of the expected economic growth. The application of AI Artificial Intelligence technology, guessing and analysis, robot and intelligent assistant system, automation and sensor technology are the most promising technical areas, the study said.
Preventive maintenance is the primary stage for many enterprises to enter into intelligent production. Together with this, automation and high efficiency are becoming the focus of attention. NetApp, an expert in data processing, inquired 120 IT professionals from the fields of health, car production, finance and production production in Germany, and the results also proved this. Inquiry indicates that: at that time, the automation in the production and production industry was mainly the automation of repetitive production and production process, as well as the automation of supply chain and warehouse processing. 66.7% and 60% of the respondents gave such responses. There are also many enterprises that have just begun to implement AI strategy. The results show that 46.7% of manufacturing enterprises have just started to implement AI strategy in the first year, and other operations, such as finance, have taken the lead. There are many concerns that the cost of a full digital transformation of the production process is too high, as it involves the modernization of old IT infrastructure. Even in the implementation process after the EU dsgvo universal data maintenance law has taken effect, it is uncertain about the digital transformation due to data maintenance problems.
According to the concept of NetApp, it is necessary to look at the AI team from a medium and long-term perspective, especially to strengthen the communication of internal technical knowledge and resume, and to promote the rapid integration of new employees into the enterprise.
Help bionics solutions
FESTO, an automation technology company, takes nature as a model to develop new technologies with the help of bionics, and transforms them into technologies that can be used in the field of automation. In the company's automation solutions, artificial intelligence technology is used in many places.
It is a good case of bionics that hand, the natural tool endowed by nature, can combine specific strength, vitality and fine sports technology. FESTO has developed a bionic pneumatic manipulator. It combines with light robots and has the opportunity to become the most promising future solution in human-computer cooperation. The bionic soft hand driven by pneumatics can interact with human directly and safely. Its fingers are made up of bellows.
The method of reinforcement learning is used to strengthen the learning ability of the product. This means that the bionic pneumatic manipulator is not a mechanical imitation of specific actions, it is learning according to specific guidelines. This kind of reinforcement learning is achieved through repeated trial and error. It can optimize the action according to the received response information until the successful completion of the task.
The specific example is to rotate a dodecahedron with the specified side upward. The motion method needed to rotate the dodecahedron is learned in the virtual digital twin environment created by the depth sensing camera and artificial intelligence algorithm. In the future, this kind of bionic pneumatic manipulator can process a workpiece together with human and machine, and there is no need to separate human and machine from each other. The bionic pneumatic manipulator is the further opening and improvement of the bionic light bionic pneumatic robot series products of FESTO company, which significantly expands the application planning of the bionic pneumatic robot. This is due to the modular structure design of the bionic pneumatic manipulator: it can integrate up to seven bellows airbags and rotating driving equipment together. Due to the elimination of messy safety maintenance equipment, such as safety guardrail or safety grating, it can significantly shorten the adjustment time of the equipment of the bionic pneumatic robot and manipulator, complete more flexible use, and completely meet the requirements of economic production.
Capacity of machinery and equipment to open up wasteland
In the early years, enterprises in the field of mechanical manufacturing know the importance of machine learning and path economy at the fastest speed. Now, the specific application scenarios of machine learning and path economy have been shown in front of people.
The inquiry of VDMA association has proved that the application of machine learning methods in the field of mechanical production has been properly and widely, not only the products and technical services in this field, but also the appropriate machine learning process has become the focus of people's attention. It is estimated that by 2020, one of every three enterprises will use and improve the machine learning process, and this expansion capability will also play an important role in appropriate technical services. At that time, the software and digital technology branch of VDMA Association conducted a survey to understand the application of software technology and digital technology in mechanical production