What robots can do in factories

2019-11-08 10:19:22
Laser processing robot is a kind of laser processing industry, which uses robot skills in laser processing and completes more flexible laser processing after high-precision industrial robots. The system can be operated on-line by teaching device or programmed off-line. After the active detection of the workpiece, the model of the workpiece is generated, then the processing curve is generated, and the CAD data can also be used for direct processing. It can be used for laser surface treatment, drilling, welding and mold correction of workpieces.
Key skills include:
(1) structural optimization planning skills of laser processing robot: select the large planning framework type ontology structure to ensure the accuracy of the robot while increasing the operation planning;
(2) error compensation skills of robot system: in view of the large working space and high precision requirements of the integrated processing robot, combined with its structural characteristics, a hybrid robot compensation method combining non model method and model based method is selected to complete the compensation of several parameter errors and non parameter errors.
(3) high precision robot detection skills: combine the three-dimensional measurement skills with robot skills to complete the robot high-precision online measurement.
(4) special speech completion skill of laser processing robot: according to the characteristics of laser processing and robot operation, complete the special speech of laser processing robot.
Network communication and off-line programming skills: with serial port, can and other network communication functions, complete the monitoring and processing of the robot production line, and complete the off-line programming control of the robot by the upper computer.
Vacuum robot
Vacuum robot is a kind of robot working in vacuum environment. It is mainly used in semiconductor industry to complete the transmission of wafer in vacuum chamber. The vacuum manipulator is difficult to import, binding, large consumption and strong universality. It has become the key component of binding the R & D of semiconductor equipment and the competitiveness of the whole machine. In addition, foreign countries have made strict inspections on Chinese buyers, which are classified into the catalogue of prohibited products. Vacuum manipulator has become a serious "neck sticking" problem in binding the production of China's semiconductor equipment. The skill of direct drive vacuum robot belongs to original innovative skill.
Key skills include:
(1) new configuration planning skills of vacuum robot: through structural analysis and optimization planning, avoid world patents, and plan new configuration to meet the requirements of rigidity and elasticity ratio of vacuum robot;
(2) skills of large vacancy vacuum direct drive motor: it involves theoretical analysis, structural planning, manufacturing process, motor data surface processing, low-speed and large torque control, small multi axis drive, etc. of large vacancy vacuum direct drive motor and high-cleaning direct drive motor.
(3) planning of multi axis precision shafting in vacuum environment. The planning method of axis in axis is selected to reduce the problem of eccentricity and inertia asymmetry between axes.
(4) dynamic orbit correction skill: through the fusion of sensor information and robot motion information, the offset between the reference direction between the wafer and the finger is detected, and through the dynamic orbit correction, the robot can accurately transfer the wafer from one station in the vacuum chamber to another station.
(5) speech of vacuum robot in accordance with semi specification: complete the speech of vacuum robot according to the transfer requirements of vacuum robot, operation characteristics of robot and semi specification.
Reliability system engineering skills: in IC production, equipment defects will cause huge loss. According to the high requirements of semiconductor equipment for MCBF, check, comment and control the reliability of each component, trudge the reliability of each component of the manipulator, and then ensure that the manipulator meets the high requirements of IC production.