Embarking on a new journey after 15 years, let’s jointly innovate and create a future!

2023-07-03 08:46:02
Embarking on a new journey after 15 years, let's jointly innovate and create a future

Persisting in independent innovation, striving for excellence

15 years of industry solutions

Tech Robots has been dedicated to motion control research for 15 years, possessing rich design and development experience. After years of market validation and adhering to a craftsman spirit, we provide precise and stable motion control solutions, successfully assisting thousands of customers in achieving their goals.

Continuous product innovation

We consistently adhere to high standards in research and development, aiming for excellence and using innovation as a driving force. We continuously break through technological barriers and innovate.

Providing one-stop services

Whatever your needs, Tech Robots' engineers can adjust and optimize solutions for you, achieving excellent adaptation and implementation. We offer cost-effective one-stop customization services for robot joint modules, helping you quickly develop your exclusive robot.

Full-process professional services

Our professional research and development and service teams provide timely pre-sales technical support, mid-sales consulting, and after-sales technical services, ensuring the success of your project.


Growing together with customers, jointly innovating for the future

The continuous evolution of customer demands is one of our driving forces for research and development. Tech Robots adheres to prioritizing customer unique needs, steadily elevating the level of customized services, and providing efficient customized solutions. After years of fine-tuning and market validation, our quality is reliable, mature, and stable.

Tech Robots serves every customer well, establishing a good reputation and word-of-mouth in both domestic and international industries. With steady business development, we have established long-term collaborations with various enterprises and schools.

Since its establishment, Tech Robots has closely followed the market, consistently breaking through from standard to customized solutions. We help customers shorten the robot design and development cycle, solve challenging problems, unleash maximum value, and explore new possibilities, ensuring the possibility of project success.

Tech Robots, specializing in core hardware for robots


Provide one-stop OEM customization services




About us


Shenzhen Techsoft Robots Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, has accumulated over a decade of experience in the development and application of core technologies in motors and servo drives, with independent intellectual property rights in servo drive technology. Since 2016, leveraging the strong technical foundation in low-voltage servo systems, the company began developing collaborative robot joint modules. As of 2023, they have successfully developed various types of robot joint module series, dual-arm collaborative robots, 7-axis flexible robots, and 6-axis collaborative robots, as well as a series of robot motors, servo drives, holding brakes, incremental/absolute encoders, and other products. The products support OEM customization and have been widely applied in various industries, including factory automation, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, energy storage, automotive, 3C electronics, medical, power, logistics, chemicals, research, education, biochemistry, agriculture, food, new retail, and more.