Transformation Journey! Tech Robots Brand Visual Identity (VI) and Official Website Fully Upgraded

2023-11-02 11:40:51
Established in 2008, Tech Robots has been deeply rooted in the robotics industry for 15 years. With the increasing depth of the national robotics strategy, the company has accumulated strength over the years. In 2023, we announce: Tech Robots is undergoing a transformation!

With a completely new Brand Visual Identity (VI) system and a new official website, this time, Tech Robots welcomes guests from all directions with a fresh new look!


The all-new logo adopts the latest graphic design language, featuring Tech Robots' official orange as the background with black TR letters. It seamlessly combines innovative vitality with strict stability, creating a perfect fusion of fashion and technology!


Brand new SLOGAN: Servo Drive Expert, Joint Module Pioneer! Built on 15 years of profound servo drive technology and leading self-developed multi-series joint modules, Tech Robots stands solid on its foundation to achieve today's success!


As pioneers in the field of collaborative robotics for 15 years, Tech Robots in 2023 not only witnesses the upgrade of Brand Visual Identity (VI) and SLOGAN but also undergoes a comprehensive overhaul of the entire new website. Professional, concise, stylish, and atmospheric, the layout, sections, and pages are streamlined, presenting more intuitive and clear content displays and product showcases. The design is succinct yet powerful, providing a good interactive experience.The dark theme and style enhance visual comfort, especially for professionals who spend extended periods browsing company information, product selection, and downloading files.

Meanwhile, a professional and minimalist design philosophy runs through the website, removing unnecessary and unattractive features, bringing the website back to a natural, comfortable, and aesthetic state!

With this, the curtain has risen on the 2023 Tech Robotics Brand VI System upgrade. On the product front, there is a continuous effort to bring breakthroughs, offering more technologically advanced servo drives, joint modules, and collaborative robots.

Marching with the times, let's create new brilliance together!