Embracing the "Robot+" era, Tech Robots contributes to the practical implementation of applications across various fields

2023-02-21 11:10:39
The flexibility, safety, stability, reliability, and user-friendliness of collaborative robots play a positive role in advancing the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing in the industry. By providing innovative, efficient, and competitive overall intelligent manufacturing solutions, these robots contribute to the digital transformation and intelligent evolution of the manufacturing industry. They are applied in practical production areas, enabling companies to achieve higher efficiency, enhance and optimize human productivity, reduce costs, and bring innovation to target industries.

On January 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and seventeen other departments issued the "Action Plan for the Implementation of 'Robot+' Applications," outlining key goals. By 2025, the robot density in the manufacturing industry is expected to double compared to 2020. The depth and breadth of applications in service robots and special robots are significantly increased, and the ability of robots to promote high-quality economic and social development is noticeably enhanced. The plan focuses on ten key application areas, aiming to break through more than 100 innovative robot application technologies and solutions, promote over 200 robot typical application scenarios with high technical levels, innovative application models, and significant application effects. It also aims to build a number of benchmark enterprises in "Robot+" applications, establish application experience centers and test verification centers, and promote innovative practices of "Robot+" applications across industries and regions based on industry development stages and regional characteristics. Additionally, it seeks to create international and domestic exchange platforms to foster a strong atmosphere for the comprehensive promotion of robot applications.


The potential of "Robot+" applications is enormous, spanning various fields such as economic development and societal well-being. Robots are not meant to replace humans but to better serve them. The innovative development of collaborative robots has transformed human production modes and is a core asset for manufacturing companies to achieve digital transformation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and enhance personnel capabilities, leading to a rapid increase in robot density in the manufacturing industry. The application of service robots has changed human lifestyles, achieving widespread use in education, entertainment, biomedicine, rehabilitation care, logistics, business services, and more, improving overall well-being. The enhanced capabilities of special robots ensure human safety, with partial or full substitution of human labor in complex and high-risk environments, such as emergency rescue, inspection monitoring, scientific research, and exploration.

The core components of robots include reducers, servo systems, controllers, etc. Shenzhen Tech Intelligence Robot Co., Ltd., established in 2008, has accumulated over a decade of experience in the development and application of core technologies in motors and servo drives. The company possesses independent intellectual property rights in servo drive core technology. Since 2016, leveraging the company's strong technical foundation in low-voltage servo systems, it has been developing collaborative robot joint modules. In 2019, a series of robot components, including robot motors, servo drives, brakes, incremental/absolute encoders, robot joint modules, collaborative robots, etc., were developed and widely applied in areas such as factory automation, automotive, 3C (electronics), medical, power, research, education, inspection, and more.


Tech Robots possesses profound research and development capabilities, serving as a supplier for robot bodies and robot controller application solutions. Offering solutions from standard to customized, the company helps clients shorten the robot design and development cycle. The joint modules can be applied to various multi-axis collaborative robots and other robots. Tech Robots customizes efficient and competitive collaborative robot solutions tailored to your needs, solving problems, maximizing value, and opening new possibilities to help you achieve your business goals. Tech Intelligence is committed to prioritizing customer-specific requirements, continually enhancing the level of customization services, and efficiently providing customized service solutions. With years of refinement and market validation, the quality is reliable, mature, and stable, providing innovative collaborative robots that are safe, reliable, flexible, and user-friendly for various types of enterprises.