Emphasizing professionalism! The Tech Robots Training Season and Internal Trainer Selection Event are officially underway.

2023-08-14 17:36:53

Tech Robots has accumulated over a decade of expertise in the fields of servo drives, joint modules, and collaborative robot development, production, and testing. Continuing and inheriting this tradition is a hallmark of the Tech Robots team. The company believes in teaching people to fish rather than just giving them fish, and skill training is seen as the best reward for employees.

In August 2023, Tech Robots officially initiated a professional and systematic training system. The company internally recruited trainers to leverage the rich capabilities and experiences of senior R&D engineers and other professionals. These trainers deliver courses to employees responsible for production and assembly, enhancing not only their professional skills but also enriching theoretical knowledge. The internal trainers contribute by sharing valuable experiences, significantly boosting the company's combat effectiveness and cohesion.

The inaugural professional skills training started on August 11th, with over ten employees participating. Led by senior engineers, the training combined text, graphics, videos, and physical demonstrations. Participants found the content highly practical and professional.

After assessment, all participants excelled and expressed a strong desire for more similar training sessions, recognizing their value in enhancing both professional skills and theoretical knowledge.

Moving forward, Tech Robots plans to organize a variety of training activities, including professional skills, competency enhancement, and onboarding training, ensuring the continuation of systematic and professional training in the long term.