Tech Robots secures seven new utility patents

2023-02-28 17:20:00
Tech Robots consistently adheres to independent research and development, pursues excellence, and is driven by innovation. Through continuous efforts in technical breakthroughs and innovation by our research and development team, the company has received support and recognition from the country. Recently, the utility patents submitted by the company to the National Intellectual Property Office have been approved.


One 30kg payload six-axis collaborative robot
Five patents related to robot joints
One patent for joint servo drives

Shenzhen Techsoft Robots Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has accumulated over a decade of experience in the development and application of core technologies in motors and servo drives. The company possesses independent intellectual property rights in servo drive core technology. Since 2016, leveraging the strong technical foundation in low-voltage servo systems, the company has been developing collaborative robot joint modules.