Tec Robots’ DJB series joint modules empower continuous innovation in biomimetic robots

2023-07-24 16:33:10

In our rapidly advancing world, biomimetic robots have become a focal point of global attention due to their immense potential. As technology progresses, 2023 is poised for significant breakthroughs in biomimetic robot applications, bringing these high-tech innovations closer to our daily lives.

Research and Inspection:

Biomimetic robots excel in navigating complex environments, offering flexible and safe maneuverability. They efficiently handle tasks such as repetitive data collection and maintenance management with precision.

Emergency Rescue:

Rapid deployment and swift adaptability make biomimetic robots invaluable in dynamic rescue environments. Equipped with advanced sensors, they provide comprehensive on-site information for informed decision-making.

Industrial Sector:

Agile movement and autonomous capabilities allow biomimetic robots to transport heavy loads in diverse industrial zones, enhancing production efficiency. They excel in complex assembly tasks and precise machining.

Agricultural Field:

Adapting to different environments, biomimetic robots play a key role in agricultural management, crop harvesting, and pest control. With precise sensors and advanced image recognition, they autonomously navigate and operate, improving productivity.

Education Sector:

Biomimetic robots serve as interactive teaching tools, providing personalized learning experiences. They contribute to easier comprehension of knowledge and the development of innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Service Sector:

In the service industry, biomimetic robots offer efficient and intelligent solutions. Widely used in areas like restaurants and hotels, they act as guides, receptionists, or chefs, delivering enhanced service experiences to increase customer satisfaction.


Teco Intelligent Robot's DJB series articulated modules allow swift assembly of joints for biomimetic robots like robot dogs and humanoid robots, supporting OEM customization. These modules propel biomimetic robot applications to new heights, anticipating continuous innovation for a better future.

The DJB25 module, weighing just 1.45kg, with a 96mm diameter and 95mm length, delivers a maximum torque of 160N·m and an average torque of 68N·m. With a torque-to-weight ratio of 110N·m/kg, it meets the demand for high torque in lightweight biomimetic robot joints. The module's repeatability positioning accuracy of ±0.015° ensures precise, high-precision movements. Optional features include dual encoders, hollow design, holding brake, and other customizable technical developments.