Tych Robots MJX Series Joint Modules Help Robots Play Piano

2023-06-01 17:02:15

The robot plays the piano at the summit venue

On May 24th, at the 8th China Robot Summit and the Intelligent Economy Talent Summit, the robot "Xiaoyue" showcased by Zhejiang Lab skillfully leaped on the black and white keys, using both hands and feet to produce melodious tunes on the piano, capturing the attention of the audience. According to the staff, currently, "Xiaoyue" can proficiently play more than 30 songs, with a skill level equivalent to a piano Grade 5.

"Xiaoyue" Robot Articulated Module Concept

The flexible movements of "Xiaoyue" robot's dual arms, legs, head, and various joints in its main body are facilitated by 19 precise and stable Tech Robots MJX series joint modules. Each joint module performs accurate angle rotations and speed adjustments according to the specific requirements of each musical performance task, resulting in the production of beautiful melodies.

Tech Robots MJX Series Joint Modules

Shenzhen Tech Robots, a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of articulated modules, is dedicated to providing businesses with comprehensive solutions for collaborative robot joints. The MJX series, developed in-house, features highly integrated modular and compact designs in various specifications and sizes. These lightweight and small-sized articulated modules incorporate high-precision dual encoders, achieving a repeatability positioning accuracy of ±0.015° and an average load torque of up to 30 N·m. Equipped with built-in holding brakes for instant and secure braking, this series facilitates the rapid assembly of small collaborative robots with both lightweight and high-load capabilities.

MJX Series Joint Module Parameters