Tech Robots’ RJSIIZ series articulated modules contribute to breakthroughs in smart medical technology

2023-10-19 16:48:18
Recently, on the Shenzhen Satellite TV Shenshi News Channel's "Towards Intelligence and Strong Potential Column," the breakthroughs of Shenzhen XX Medical in the field of smart medical technology were reported. The program showcased the forward-looking layout in smart healthcare and gave full recognition to the achievements of the company in the field of smart endoscopic examination services for the digestive system.

The magnetic-controlled capsule robot used for gastrointestinal examination is equipped with precision and stable joint motion control provided by Tech Robots' RJSIIZ series joint modules. This ensures a more comfortable experience for both patients and doctors during the examination process, offering more efficient, accurate, and intelligent diagnostic services for clinical applications.

Shenzhen Tech  Robots, as one of the few domestic manufacturers dedicated to joint module research and production, consistently prioritizes customer needs. The company has been committed to providing businesses with comprehensive solutions for collaborative robot joint modules. The Tech Robots RJSIIZ series joint modules integrate precision harmonic reducers, frameless torque motors, high-stability holding brakes, high-precision dual encoders, and high-performance drivers. Available in various specifications and sizes, this series offers excellent performance, high reliability, and wide applicability. With a shell-free design, customers can customize the appearance according to their needs, simplifying, accelerating, and securing the robot development process.