Tech Robots composite robots are applied in semiconductor wafer factories

2023-02-08 13:33:38
Tech Robots composite robots, comprising mechanical arms, mobile platforms, vision systems, and end effectors, autonomously move and operate. They achieve flexible and precise grasping of transparent, open wafer boxes. These robots exhibit enhanced mobility, enabling end-to-end intelligent multi-space fusion operations. They facilitate the transportation and loading/unloading of different materials or fixtures, such as wafer boxes, clips, tray trays, CNC machined parts, between different process equipment. The robots are designed for quick deployment, intelligent scheduling, flexible expansion, and adhere strictly to standard operating procedures. They operate accurately, enabling 24/7 operations, improving production efficiency, and optimizing workforce allocation. Customization based on production line scale is available, allowing flexible configuration of heading, speed, obstacle avoidance distance, payload, and more to adapt to various complex scenarios.

The composite robots operate intelligently, flexibly, efficiently, safely, and precisely. They find applications in various industries such as automated production, material handling, healthcare, biochemical analysis and testing, 3C electronics, warehouse management, service industry, inspection and maintenance, as well as research and education.
Tech Robots is a technology-focused company specializing in the development, production, and sales of collaborative robots. We provide innovative technology and products that deliver high-performance, flexibility, efficiency, safety, reliability, affordability, and user-friendliness for various enterprises. Having developed and produced multiple series of collaborative robots with different payloads, our products have undergone years of refinement and market validation, ensuring reliable, mature, and stable quality.

Tech Robots offers one-stop OEM customization. Regardless of the specific requirements and application environments, our engineers excel in adjusting and optimizing solutions, ensuring excellent adaptation and implementation. We specialize in designing efficient and competitive collaborative robots, joint modules, and industry solutions tailored to your needs.

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