RJSIIZ Robot Joint Module

As the industry's leading supplier of collaborative robot joint modules, the RJSIIZ series of robot joint modules are designed by Tyco Intelligence for collaborative robots below 3-20Kg. It is highly integrated including frameless torque motors, low-voltage DC drives, and harmonic reducers. , Brake and dual feedback device. The small size is in line with the compact and flexible design characteristics of the collaborative robot.
Incorporating many years of experience in the robotics field of Tyco Intelligence, RJSIIZ reduces customer personnel and time investment in multiple links of mechanical selection and assembly through highly integrated integrated design, simplifying the comprehensive cost of supply chain management and quality management, and realizing robot products Get to market quickly. Make the development of collaborative robots safe, fast and convenient.

· 48VDC rated voltage
·Using professionally designed new frameless direct drive torque motor
·7 kinds of harmonic reducer specifications, easy to select
·Dual feedback encoders, including incremental encoders for motor commutation, and single-turn absolute encoders for the output of the reducer
·Integrate self-developed compact low-voltage DC drive, with better effect
·Using friction type brake, the braking effect is better, no shaking or shaking

· Standard kit installation options for robot end effectors, including standard mechanical and electrical interfaces
·High-performance fully digital servo drive supporting CANopen/EtherCAt communication protocol

·Using a new high-performance frameless torque servo motor, combined with a special harmonic reducer, to exert better efficiency and ensure high-quality and stable operation
The maximum torque reaches the peak performance of the harmonic reducer
·Achieve greater continuous torque output, while effectively controlling the temperature rise of the motor and the temperature rise of the harmonic reducer to ensure the overall service life
·Without mechanical shell design, it is convenient for customers to design new self-branded collaborative robots and joint modules
·External cut surface design makes it easier to route the joints