"The Robot+" accelerates various industries, and joint modules enable enterprises to achieve rapid robot development

2023-03-06 11:09:11
Joint modules are highly integrated, modular components designed as the core of robotic joints, enabling the rapid realization of various robot applications and functional needs. Assembling robots using joint modules eliminates the need for selecting, designing, procuring, and assembling numerous mechanical and electronic components, significantly reducing robot development time and labor costs, allowing for the quick assembly of the needed robot.

Shenzhen Tech Intelligent Robotics is a leading domestic supplier specializing in the development and production of collaborative robots and joint modules. Our independently developed RJSII, RJSIIZ, MJX, and DJB series of robotic joint modules come in various specifications and sizes, allowing for quick combinations to meet diverse robot development needs. With a more rational structural design, these modules provide robots with more space, making them adaptable to various multi-axis collaborative robots and other types. The precise appearance enables customers to develop robots more economically, reliably, and efficiently, suitable for a wide range of application areas.

The joint modules feature high-precision dual encoders, with an end-of-arm absolute encoder resolution of 17 bits and a repeat accuracy of ±0.015°. They utilize frameless torque motors for increased torque, efficient power usage, and low temperature rise. Suitable for payloads ranging from 3 to 20 kg, the modules offer outstanding safety braking and collision prevention, ensuring instant load braking even under abnormal conditions. Additionally, they operate within a broad temperature range (-20°C to 50°C) and possess a high protection level (IP64), meeting industrial and other demanding working environment requirements.


In economic development and various aspects of societal well-being, applications like "Robotics in Manufacturing," "Robotics in Agriculture," "Robotics in Construction," "Robotics in Energy," "Robotics in Commerce and Logistics," "Robotics in Healthcare," "Robotics in Elderly Care," "Robotics in Education," "Robotics in Business Community Services," and "Robotics in Safety, Emergency, and Extreme Environment Applications" offer diverse scenarios for robotics. Whether it's standard or customized requirements, Tech Intelligent's engineers can adjust and optimize solutions, excelling in adaptation and implementation. We provide a one-stop OEM customized, efficient, and competitive robotics solution, helping you shorten the robot design and development cycle and quickly realize your exclusive robotic development. We aim to address your challenges, unlock maximum value, and explore new possibilities, assisting you in achieving your business goals.

Established in 2008, Tech Intelligent Robotics has accumulated over a decade of experience in the development and application of core technologies in motors and servo drives, with independent intellectual property rights in servo drive core technology. Since 2016, leveraging our strong technical foundation in low-voltage servo systems, we have been developing collaborative robot joint modules. Having provided various servo and robot solutions to thousands of enterprises, our products have undergone years of refinement and market validation, ensuring reliable, mature, and stable quality.

Tech Robotics offers a wide range of products to its customers:
(1)Collaborative Robots: Dual-arm collaborative robots, TC7 series seven-axis collaborative robots, TB6 series six-axis collaborative robots, TC6 series six-axis collaborative robots.
(2)Robot Joint Module R&D includes products like MJX series, DJB series, RJSII series, RJSIIZ series, RJUZ series, etc.
(3)Motors and Drives: Joint motors, ADM miniature drives, servo drives, absolute encoders, incremental encoders, force sensors.
(4)One-stop OEM Customized Products and Industry Solutions.