Recruitment Criteria:

1. Thorough understanding and appreciation of robots, with a positive outlook on the future market development of collaborative robots.
2. Entrepreneurial drive and passion, aiming for rapid growth and a broad stage.
3. Creative, joyful, and driven individuals who seek both wealth creation and value realization.
4. Proficient in areas such as electric motors, power electronics, mechatronics, and mechanical design.
5. Relevant experience in robot body structure design, motor design, servo drive control, robot controller development, sales, and management.

Welcome to schedule an interview if you meet the above criteria.


Recruitment Hotline:+86-189 2524 7623 (same for WeChat)

Position Overview

Recruitment Position Workplace Recruitment number
Electronic Hardware Engineer (Servo Drive) Shenzhen 3
Project Engineer (Collaborative Robotics) Shenzhen 3
Sales Engineer Shenzhen 5
Electronic Assistant Engineer Shenzhen 2
Production Process Engineer Shenzhen 4
Hardware Design Engineer Shenzhen 3
Electronics Hand Soldering Technician Shenzhen 5
Collaborative Robot Testing Supervisor Shenzhen 2
Mechanical Structure Engineer (Collaborative Robot) Shenzhen 3
Product Manager (Servo Systems) Shenzhen 2
Embedded Software Engineer (Motor Drives) Shenzhen 3
Servo System Test Engineer Shenzhen 4
Tech Intelligent Robotics Recruitment for Assemblers Shenzhen 6
Robotics Algorithm Engineer Shenzhen 3


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