New product joint module, super torque output-RJSII40 has been launched

2020-07-22 09:30:00
Techrobots transformed production in 2016. As a robot company starting from the research and development of robot joints, it has been committed to the research and development of robot joints. It has launched a variety of joint modules and has been highly recognized by domestic universities and robot companies.

To cope with the changing working environment of co-robots and enhance the adaptability of co-robots, Techrobots launched the RJSII series of joint modules at the end of 2019. It adopts a brand-new joint design, which has better heat dissipation performance and torque output capability and stability. The protection level of the joint is improved so that it can be better used in a variety of harsh working environments. It is currently mainly used in small-load co-robots.

To meet the needs of large-load co-robots, Techrobots has recently launched the RJSII series of new RJSII40 joint modules, using a brushless servo torque motor with a rated power of 1050 and a brand reducer to ensure the output performance of the RJSII40 joint module and powerful load transfer. Moment ability, more stable.

The bodyweight of the RJSII40 module is as high as 17kg, and it is professionally applied to a 20kg industrial collaborative robotic arm. While ensuring a 1500mm working radius, it reduces the center of gravity of the robotic arm, enhances stability, and improves the load capacity of the arm.