Automatic application of electronic assembly inspection-TB6 series of co-robots

2020-08-14 16:31:40
In recent years, the iterative cycle of electronic products has become faster and faster, and highly customized 3C devices have shown increasingly stronger consumer attributes, and the demand for automatic detection systems is also increasing. At the same time, with the increase in labor costs and product quality requirements, the improvement of detection automation is an inevitable trend in the electronics industry.

How to realize the automation of electronic assembly inspection

At present, the automation of electronic assembly inspection is mainly realized through special equipment, non-standard equipment, and robots. Special equipment has advantages in price, but the application field and site are limited; non-standard equipment requires special design and customization, long debugging cycle, uncertain cost, high cost of secondary deployment, and lack of flexibility. The cost of the robot production line may be higher, but the production line is flexible.

Professional, non-standard equipment still lacks flexibility, so some companies will choose to use robots for testing, mainly using industrial robots and co-robots.

Among them, co-robots are safer and more flexible. In the electronics industry, the flow of people in the workshop is frequent, and the co-robot does not need a safety barrier. It not only needs to meet the high-tempo requirements, but also to ensure safety, and it can also meet the needs of human-machine collaboration at certain stations. Second, the co-robot occupies a small area, is easy to deploy, and is fast.

Techrobots TB6 series of co-robots integrate the advantages of advanced robot automation technology, avoid additional costs such as the setting of safety protection areas required by traditional robots, and liberate people from the boring and repetitive work environment through work distribution. Good operating efficiency enables companies to recover their investment costs in a short time. The TB6 series of co-robots have achieved some successful cases in electronic assembly testing.

The customer said: "In the process of electronic testing, traditional manual testing will mix up unqualified, leading to constant complaints from customers. Based on customer site conditions, Techrobots has proposed a testing program. Customer feedback on-site production line hourly production capacity exceeded, Is expected to recover the cost in one year; improve the product rate very well, reduce customer complaints; save labor costs, and realize factory automation management.

Technical advantages to accelerate electronic intelligent manufacturing

The products in the electronics industry have fast iteration speed and high-quality requirements. The production line transformation needs to be able to quickly verify the deployment. The graphical programming technology initiated by the Techrobots can quickly complete the debugging of the programming process and shorten the application delivery cycle. At the same time, in the face of a programming interface with low technical requirements for operators, simple, friendly, and easy to display, it can be directly operated by existing production line personnel without the need to recruit new personnel.

The "high-precision servo control" technology of the Techrobots co-robot realizes the robot's repeated positioning accuracy of plus or minus 0.05mm, which can meet the accuracy requirements in the field of electronic assembly inspection and is ahead of its peers. The Techrobots TB6 series of co-robots The combination of "force control" technology can meet the challenges brought by the flexible assembly.