Techsoft Robots TA7 Series Seven-Axis Cooperative Robot was officially released

2019-05-27 17:24:09
On May 20, Techservo(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. officially launched its latest TA7 series of co-robots in Shenzhen. More than 100 guests witnessed this moment.
Li Xiaowen, general manager of Techservo(Shenzhen) Robot in Shenzhen, introduced the company's current situation and the specific functions and parameters of the latest products at the launch meeting and held a signing ceremony with several partners.

 Techrobots arm

Techservo(Shenzhen) has officially launched a 20 kg load of robotic products, followed by 10 kg, 15 kg load products. The robot arm of the TA7 series has seven joints, each of which integrates the magnetic potential sensor, joint moment sensor, and joint servo driver developed by the company independently. The controller adopts a distributed architecture based on EtherCAT bus and has good internal and external function expansion and automatic integration properties. The teaching aids share the same teaching aids among different robots through unique hardware design.

Through independent research and development of products, Techservo(Shenzhen) has made a lot of optimizations for all aspects of the use of robots. Based on the excellent software and hardware architecture of TA7 series robots, Techservo(Shenzhen)  has developed many unique functions, which make the deployment of robots faster, easier to use, more intelligent to operate, and more widely used.

In the process of robot programming, through the graphical programming mode, users can configure and program the robot by dragging the block diagram and establishing the relationship between the graphical boxes through simple connections, which greatly improves the development efficiency, reduces the use threshold and achieves rapid programming.

In the drag-and-teach link of robots, based on the joint force sensor independently developed by Techservo(Shenzhen), the robot is more sensitive to force perception. Whether it is point-to-point or a continuous trajectory, it can easily drag and teach. The joint moment sensor also helps the robot achieve more accurate TCP parameter identification. Depending on the built-in software module of the controller, the robot can easily identify the weight and center of the tool. Users need not make a complicated configuration to realize the rapid deployment of the robot application.

In order to enhance the adaptability of robots and satisfy the complex and changeable application scenarios, TA7 series robots have the powerful function of the external axle, which can be controlled directly by CAN bus or Ethernet bus. At the same time, TA7 series robots activate intelligent attributes of robots through optional visual modules, which can be more easily applied to such occasions as scrambled parts grasping and visual guidance, and bring added convenience to users.

TA7 series co-robots are based on the joint moment sensor developed by Techservo(Shenzhen) and independently. Through the impedance control of joint space and Cartesian space, the joint and end of the robot have a certain degree of flexibility and self-adaptability and can realize the manipulation of the human arm. They are supported in the flexible assembly of mechanical and electronic parts. It has broad application potential. TA7 series co-robots also innovatively put forward a force/position hybrid teaching mode. Through the force control module of the robot, users can teach force and force/position hybrid teaching. The main application occasions include grinding, polishing, assembly, and other processing technologies.

Through years of technology accumulation, Techservo(Shenzhen) finally ushered in a time of thick accumulation and thin hair, stepped out of its own independent technical line, successfully realized the independent research and development of the whole machine and core components, and formed a series of independent intellectual property rights. Magneto-potential sensor, RJS series joint module dedicated moment sensor, and joint servo driver are the core components of Techservo(Shenzhen) Research and Development, which enables Techservo(Shenzhen) to achieve the optimal design of robot performance and cost control.