The trend of man-machine collaboration, Techsoft Robots marches into the robot market

2019-05-27 16:19:00
Co-robots are regarded as the next generation of robots. They are excellent in safety, ease of use, and rapid placement, and are welcomed by enterprise users. Also, co-robots are more economical than traditional operating robots and have flexible production capacity. The application scope of co-robots is further extended to multiple operating scenarios outside the manufacturing industry. In the future, with the continuous promotion of the demand for machine replacement, co-robots will surely release huge market space.
Man-machine integration will be an important trend
In future production scenarios, human-robot cooperation will be an important trend. Robot safety becomes more and more important in the scenario of human-computer integration. Techsoft Collaborative Robots employ innovative technologies, such as seamless integration of built-in intelligent machine vision, and the revolutionary breakthrough of user interfaces. Users can easily place TM robots without programming experience. Also, it has excellent security assurance and achieves the best human-computer cooperation under high efficiency.

 Techservo(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. sells actuators, linear guides, ball screws, and other products in China, as well as provides engineering support, processing services, automation machinery, and is committed to high-quality, cost-effective motion processing programs, which have excellent accuracy and accuracy. It has deepened the automation market in the United States.
Industrial 4.0 Mode Brings New Opportunities
With the advent of smart manufacturing and industrial 4.0, factories will draw on many automated devices. Co-robots have greater growth potential than traditional industrial robots. Their flexible, concise, easy to edit, and move features will be the key automation of future intelligent production.
Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as factories engaged in the electronic installation, co-robots will satisfy the needs of small automation. The industry speculates that co-robots will become the fastest-growing part of the global robotic shopping mall in the future, while the electronics industry has the greatest momentum.
Co-robots do not need fences and can work with people. They will replace traditional industrial robots and promote the era of human-computer cooperation in the manufacturing industry. In the future, manufacturers need a flexible production capacity of flexible production lines, and the high mobility and flexible characteristics of co-robots will accelerate the placement of intelligent production lines.
At present, Techrobots(Shenzhen) provides 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg co-robots in the domestic co-robot market. Now, thousands of co-robots have been sold nationwide, and their robots can be easily integrated into the existing production environment.