Co-Robots Reduce the Threshold of Factory Operators

2018-04-09 10:46:30
Industry 4.0 promotes the active transformation of the manufacturing industry, and the automation policy promotes the increasing demand for robotic arms. In recent years, cooperative robots have become popular products in all walks of life because of their lightweight, safe and convenient operation, and a high degree of customization. Robot arm manufacturer points out that the key to landing is to simplify the threshold of its application so that the manufacturer who has been frustrated by the cost and messy technology can choose. Especially for those who can not invest too many resources and settle down at the moment, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, under the consideration of the rate of return on investment, they generally expect to return within one year. Ben.
robotic arm

The operation threshold of the cooperative robot arm is, first and foremost, to be used by people who have no professional knowledge. But of course, this does not mean that the technicians who do not need to be "professional" can operate at will, but that the general users can become familiar with it in the shortest time after putting into practice some basic operational knowledge.

Including collaborative robot manufacturer Shenzhen Techservo(Shenzhen) Collaborative Robot, in recent years, it has also actively exposed the Display Processing Scheme Center in China, both of which aim at practicing for users and learning the manipulation and setting of the robot arm through hours of courses.

One of the main characteristics of collaborative robots is that they are easy to program, and they are trying to simplify the complicated programming operations as much as possible, so optimizing the user's understanding is the key for future collaborative robots to quickly enter the market. For example, in the user interface, similar to the mobile App method, it plans the image operation method, establishes the flow with the intuitive delay method, and modularizes various things such as coordinate adjustment, visual recognition, etc.

Optimizing user interface has almost become one of the policies that collaborative robotics manufacturers prefer to carry out. For example, the intelligent cooperative robot arm of Techservo(Shenzhen) can quickly integrate the relevant functions through the angle of the package scheme because of its functional establishment, so that users can reduce their set-up process.

Establishing Developer Ecosphere Customization Terminal Requirements

The aim is to provide a mutually beneficial way for developers, distributors, and end-users. In this way, developers focus on Techservo(Shenzhen) Robot, integrate various accessories such as gripper, visual system, maintenance outfit, and software solutions, customized into a variety of plug-and-play products and services, to expand more application areas.

When the development is completed, Techservo(Shenzhen) will also check and authenticate the product, so distributors and end-users can reduce the cost and time needed to use the development and inspection. Opening and sharing have become common business methods. Through the establishment of the ecosystem, we can not only advance power but also reach the communication of resources. For example, this kind of cooperation with hardware and software manufacturer directly through the robotic arm manufacturer, but also deal with product compatibility problems for end-users and reduce the time of integration and verification. Shorten the entire settling cycle.

Now Techservo(Shenzhen) Robot has become a leader in building the ecological chain of cooperative robots in China. Its RJS joint module series is also launched to assist end-users in the rapid transformation process. Through this ecosphere collaboration method, the end-user can actively integrate the hardware and software settings of the manipulator's arm in 5 minutes, and then save the cost of some system integrators.