Techrobots explore more applicable fields of co-robots

2020-08-31 11:14:43
Compared with traditional industrial robots, co-robots are different in positioning. Traditional industrial robots are "machines instead of humans". The operating space is relatively closed and has advantages in accuracy and speed. It meets the user's high-speed requirements and is more suitable for industrial mass production and manufacturing. The co-robot is a more open product that emphasizes the coexistence of humans and machines. From this point of view, the co-robot is more suitable for C terminal scenarios. Also, the co-robot has a simple control system and fast switching speed, which is more suitable for new scenarios Adaptive applications, such as new retail.

At present, milk tea shops have already used co-robots, but milk tea shops are only an entry point for co-robots in the new retail industry. They will explore more new areas to better realize intelligent manufacturing. Under the background of the new infrastructure, Techrobots hopes to apply the "robotic arm" to the catering industry. Its source is still the use of robots instead of humans or robots to deal with humans.

No matter what industrial products you do, for Techrobots ,it is to better provide customers and enterprises with good user experience.
In traditional application scenarios such as 3C, household appliances, automobiles, processing industry, traditional industrial robots, and co-robots, it can be adjusted according to customer needs. From this perspective, the comprehensive capabilities and IP capabilities of Techrobots co-robots are not very different from traditional industrial robots. In traditional application scenarios, Techrobots'  smart strategy is clear, and the goal is clear. It is committed to improving the accuracy and speed of co-robots in the field of co-robot deep plowing, rather than a "package" development that covers the entire industry.

However, in other scenarios that emphasize human-machine cooperation, such as high-voltage wire splicing and testing, new retail scenarios, construction, education, and medical industries, co-robots are more adaptable and have more obvious advantages.

Co-robots have the advantages of light load, low power consumption, and high load ratio. However, at present, co-robots are only a tool product. Because co-robots have strong plasticity and can be customized by private individuals, we should not use "solidification" and "fixation" The idea of "view" defines co-robots. The development of everything is flexible and breakthrough. After the next three to five years of development, co-robots will surely usher in better upgrades and evolutions, making robots more like humans. "It is the general direction of the future development of Techrobots.