In the 4.0 industrial era, co-robots have become a market development trend

2020-09-11 09:49:48
As the rising star of the industrial robot family, in recent years, under the constant attention of major manufacturers and the capital market, co-robots have continuously emerged with innovative application modes, and their application fields have become more and more diversified. Techrobots is a new generation of the co-robot company.

As we all know, co-robots have been widely used in 3C, automobiles, mechanical equipment, traditional household appliances, food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics, and other fields due to their low self-weight, high flexibility, easy programming, fast configuration, and small working space. Co-robots can not only meet the needs of the manufacturing industry, but also have more flexible and safer features, which can be used in new fields such as clothing, construction, medical care, and new retail.
 robotic arm

As a new generation of co-robot companies in China, Techrobots has developed various products and iterations in the field of industrial robots, and finally entered the orbit of co-robots. Within three years, it has completed a full range of co-robot products (3kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg load) and ecological layout, application cases cover 3C electronics, auto parts, metal processing, packaging logistics, household appliances, new consumption, and other industries.

In the actual production of 3C electronic products, Techrobots smart co-robots have a wide range of successful applications, such as assembly, screw locking, loading and unloading tests, machine tool loading and unloading, etc.; in the new retail field, Techrobots smart co-robots already have their own milk tea Robots; in the power industry, Techrobots co-robots help a domestic power grid company perform daily inspection tasks...
 industrial robot
Undoubtedly, with the strong recovery of China's economy and the comprehensive introduction and implementation of stimulus policies, it will surely bring greater and better development opportunities and changes in destiny to Chinese robot companies with infinite potential such as Techrobots.