Who is more important for collaborative robot arms and AGV?

2020-07-10 16:17:57
In the use environment, the composite robot does not seem to be much different from the general AGV environment, but the original intention of using the composite robot determines that it needs to be used in more complex scenarios. Compound robots not only need to complete the tasks of moving and retrieving in specific scenarios but also need to join production lines for specific types of processing operations. Therefore, the adaptability of the compound robot to the AGV environment puts forward higher requirements. It can be inferred that enterprises with multiple navigation technology capabilities will have a greater advantage in the competition of the composite robot AGV platform, and laser navigation and visual navigation will have greater advantages than other navigation methods.

From the perspective of the structure of most compound robots, to maintain its operational accuracy, the robot arm should not be too high or too large. In the configuration of the robotic arm, the lightweight collaborative robot can work in a larger space with a smaller space occupation, so it is more suitable for assuming the function of a compound robot.

The compound robot consists of two main modules: AGV and a robotic arm. Who is the core of the compound robot? When choosing the relevant target company for compound robots, it should be more inclined to AGV capabilities or the company's robotic arm capabilities. Judging from the application environment of on-site operation and processing in the factory, some people in the industry believe that the mechanical arm is more inclined to become the core of the composite robot. Of course, from so-called compound robot companies on the current market, most of them are AGV companies, which also shows that the application attributes and entrances of AGV are more prominent.

In the future, with the further development of technology and the decline of product prices, the application of AGV+ collaborative robotic arms will surely have a better development momentum. Enterprises need to find suitable differentiation, give full play to their advantages, and professionalize them.