Working principle of industrial cooperative robotic arm

2020-07-09 16:50:18
Industrial collaborative robotic arms are electromechanical devices that mimic the functions of arms, wrists, and hands. It is an electromechanical device that mimics the functions of arms, wrists, and hands; it can move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of spatial posture, thereby fulfilling the operational requirements of industrial production.

Such as mechanical arm holding welding tongs or welding gun spot welding or arc welding in automobile or motorcycle body; processing die-casting or stamping parts; laser cutting; spraying; assembly mechanical parts, etc.

The cooperative robotic arm is an automatic operation device capable of imitating certain movement functions of human hands and arms and is used for grasping and carrying objects or operating tools according to a certain procedure. The collaborative robotic arm is not only the earliest industrial robot but also the earliest modern robot. It can replace the arduous labor of mankind to realize the mechanization and automation of production and can operate in a harmful environment to protect personal safety. Therefore, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, and atomic energy.

Collaborative robotic arms usually have several degrees of freedom to capture or move objects (tools or workpieces). "Therefore, an industrial collaborative robotic arm can be understood as: the humanoid arm, wrist, and hand functions of a mechatronic device; it can move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of spatial posture (position and posture) to complete an industry Product operation requirements.

At present, there is no unified classification standard for industrial cooperative robot arms, and different classifications can be made according to different requirements.

Not only the mobile phone electronics industry, the automobile manufacturing industry, but also the logistics industry, medical industry, food industry, household appliances industry, casting industry, the tobacco industry, etc. have entered the era of cooperative robot arms. It is believed that shortly, the robot arm Will get more applications.