The world’s first fully autonomous distribution network live working robot has been officially launched

2020-06-01 18:07:58
On August 23 (Reuters) today people in tianjin, binhai new area in tianjin a for the tenth time and on the seventh national special Olympics trunk road lighting landscape lamp power supply circuit, by the "model" pioneer "reform" zhang led research and development of the world's first platform based on artificial intelligence technology of the automatic distribution network between the formal mount guard to carry out the live working robot. The robot can identify the position of the wire and cut the insulation layer of the wire automatically.

As the world's first fully autonomous distribution network live operation robot, it is equipped with a multi-sensor fusion positioning system to realize millimeter level identification and positioning of wires. It adopts double-arm coordination, based on deep learning algorithm, and USES artificial intelligence technology to actively plan the operation path like the brain, so as to complete the task efficiently. Compared with the traditional manual live operation, it eliminates the personal safety risk and improves the operation efficiency by twice. Moreover, "one-key operation" is realized in the whole process, which effectively improves the quality and efficiency of live operation.

The invention of fully autonomous distribution network live work robot can be used in a variety of live work scenarios such as broken drainage line, filling the gaps of many technologies, standards and specifications in the field of live work robot of distribution network in China and the world. With the integration and application of panzai electric power Internet of things technology and live working robot technology in distribution network, it will further improve the efficiency of emergency repair, optimize the allocation of emergency repair resources, and provide better services for economic development and people's livelihood.

In the work of power protection for the paralympic games, state grid tianjin electric power also makes full use of the ubiquitous power Internet of things technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, intelligent inspection robot and shock wave detection to perceive the operation of power equipment in advance and assist the inspection personnel to make judgment through big data analysis to ensure the safe and reliable power supply of power grid equipment. Priorities of tianjin electric power company equipment division director liu chong hua is introduced: "in the intelligent control center, the monitoring system can show clearly electric time, electricity standard, equipment, electrical health resource allocation, etc., so as to realize the whole process of dynamic monitoring of total factor, at the same time by the infrared thermal imaging technology and inspection robot state information acquisition, real time and background data for comparative analysis, the first time to identify abnormal, make the power supply security in the panoramic controllable state."