AGV+ Machine hand, who is the number one player of compound robot in China?

2020-06-03 15:26:37
In the field of robotics, industrial robots are called manipulator to replace the function of human arms, and AGVs are used to replace the function of human legs and feet. In order to make the robot more intelligent and flexible, and have the function of legs and hands at the same time, the STRUCTURE of AGV+ manipulator came into being.

AGV+ manipulator =?" Some in the industry call it a mobile robot, while others call it a complex robot. In recent years, with the increasing demand for the flexibility of automation equipment, complex robots begin to enter the field of vision. At present, what are the solutions of the complex robot in China?


Mobile robot

Mobile robot is a new type of intelligent mobile assistant robot, which integrates the sensitive and obedient Kuka light robot with Kuka's omni-directional mobile driving platform. It is not only fully automated, but also has short response time and high flexibility.

Card robot

AGV+ small co-robot + production line terminal interface

Through 5G high-speed network, AGV interacts with more than ten production lines in the workshop in real time to learn the status information of the production line in real time. When the AGV system determines that a production line is running out of raw materials, it turns to smart warehousing. At the same time, it sends requirements information through the network warehouse, which begins to prepare materials. When the AGV arrives at the warehouse, it USES a small co-robot to grab the materials and store them temporarily on the AGV car. The small co-robot is equipped with electric claws and can adaptively grasp products of various specifications. After the material is completed, the AGV moves to the corresponding production line and the small co-robot unloads the material to the production line. The whole system has fast response speed and high stability.


Mechanical arm + AGV

In cooperation with a large domestic power grid, we customized a special robot equipped with AGV trolley and installed machine vision for power inspection. Patrol robot outdoor power grid, to work on patrol in a complicated environment design, the basic skills for distribution of mobile testing platform and distribution network charged operation, with efficient, safe, intelligent, precise grid search, and close observation, ensure high inspection accuracy, able to work under harsh environment, saves the time of the staff, avoid the waste of labor.
Techrobots arm +AGV trolley
Techrobots arm +AGV car

Mobile Robot Star

Star robot is a new robot with three functions: hands, feet and eyes. Through the integration of AGVs, robotic arms and visualization software, the robot can move and visually recognize objects for grabbing tools, goods, transportation, etc., opening the final link from warehouse to digital chemical plant production line.

The emergence of Star robot solves the problem of poor flexibility in automatic transformation. Star robot is mainly used in electronic and mechanical processing unmanned workshop. Agvs are used to replace human movements and movements, and robotic arms are used to replace human grasping movements. Advanced vision algorithms give robots a pair of eyes. After the integration, the workers' hands, feet and eyes were completely liberated. It is convenient to identify, switch and exchange fixture among multiple workstations, and completely replace manual operation, which provides the possibility for the further realization of digital chemical plant.

Elliott + Cooper

Build intelligent telemedicine robot platform

The Intelligent Telemedicine robot platform, developed by Elliott Robot and Cooper in Wuhan, provides autonomous, highly intelligent and scalable remote unmanned operating platform that can be rapidly deployed to achieve disinfection, delivery, identity verification and other functions.

The intelligent telemedicine robot platform consists of slam-AIV, six-degree-of-freedom co-robot, central control computer, algorithm software and core components of telecommunication. According to the actual needs, it can quickly access iris, infrared thermography, detection and disinfection equipment, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, rapid deployment and adjustment.

Alite has already completed the generation based on independent research and development of co-robot prototype design, assembly and debugging, preliminary verify the functionality of the platform, and has set up a new crown and epidemic prevention institute in wuhan - Fang Cang hospital has carried on the debugging and use, disinfection for personnel and the isolation zone identification, communication, medical staff and patients Aubo - i5 equipped with AGV moving platform. The AUbo-I5 is equipped with an AGV mobile platform. It can work in cooperation with peripheral devices such as vision and grab to realize the sorting and transportation of mobile space items. Suitable for shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and other service scenes, complete the distribution of food, drink, medicine.


Hscr5 complex robot

Xinsong complex robot is the first intelligent complex co-robot in China, with a robot load of 20kg and a mobile load of 100kg. It is based on the integrated application of intelligent mobile robot, co-robot, visual recognition and other technologies. It can be quickly arranged in automatic chemical plant, warehouse sorting and automatic commodity supermarket to realize automatic loading and unloading, automatic loading and unloading, automatic sorting and other functions. Haitong's independent intellectual property visual positioning and identification system. Haitong co-robot can be seamlessly connected with enterprise WMS and MES to achieve event-driven tasks. Compared with traditional mobile platforms, it breaks the shackles of fixed routes and can use embedded map technology to dynamically plan routes to any workplace.


The co-robot AuBO-I5 is equipped with AGV mobile platform

Aubo-i5, a co-robot, is equipped with AN AGV mobile platform and coordinates with peripheral devices such as vision and grab to realize the sorting and transportation of items in the mobile space. It is suitable for various service scenarios such as shopping malls, hospitals and hotels, and completes the distribution of catering and medicine.