How to effectively utilize the greatest advantages of co-robots?

2020-05-15 16:21:58
In the actual production of 3C electronic products, Techrobots co-robot has a wide range of successful cases, such as sorting, stacking, loading and unloading test, etc. Techrobots  co-robot with 3C assembly electronics as its main application field is also facing a good opportunity for development.

The co-robot is a comprehensive embodiment of Techrobots  control, servo driver, servo motor, encoder and industrial design technologies. Co-robots are compact, flexible to deploy, easy to program, and can share work Spaces with people without the need for a security fence. In many cases, a co-robot can give full play to its expertise.

Techrobots co-robot

Compared with traditional industrial robots, Techrobots  co-robots also have the following four advantages:

The first is flexibility. Unlike traditional industrial robots, co-robots do not need to transform the factory buildings. They can be quickly installed from any Angle, with flexible deployment, low cost and small footprint. The automatic production line using co-robot can be adjusted at any time according to the different needs of the factory, and can be quickly switched to different production line modules, suitable for customization and small batch production.

Second: safe and reliable. Co-robots need human intervention to give full play to their advantages of precision and durability. Through the use of advanced sensors,Techrobots  can visually sense and adapt to changes in the environment, ensuring the safety of human-computer interaction. As a result, its co-operating robots work in public Spaces without the need for additional isolation measures such as guardrails.

Third, the comprehensive cost is low. For traditional robots, the capital investment of the robot itself only accounts for about 30% of the total system cost, and the rest is mainly the deployment and operation cost of the robot. The price of Techrobots  is not high, the investment cycle is short, the installation and deployment cost is low, if the choice of co-robot, you can save a lot of transformation and installation costs. In addition, the Techrobots  co-robot can be scheduled according to the production needs of the factory. With simple programming, it can further improve the utilization rate of tools and reduce the waiting time for line switching, thus improving the overall efficiency.

Fourth: easy to use. That is, an experienced programming operator can learn from one or two hours of experience, but can also get the hang of it. Move to the desired position by dragging and showing, or operate directly by pressing the buttons on the touch screen.