How does Techrobots help customers work more efficiently in specific environments

2020-05-12 18:01:53
There is still a gap between the design and structure of the co-robot and that of the traditional industrial robot, such as its rigidity and durability under special conditions. On the contrary, this co-robot has a compact structure, flexible deployment, simple programming, no need for security fence, and can achieve man-machine cooperation, so it can complete work more efficiently in special environment.



In the field of robot application, we often encounter some special working environment, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity and so on. Let's take a look at Techrobots working in different special environments:

1. Special working environment includes: high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dust, radiation, etc.

2. Automated production: more and more automated production lines need fewer production lines to match more product production, so as to realize rapid switching of production lines, so as to meet the order requirements of segmented product market and small-batch customers.

3. Small space automation transformation: there are mainly two cases: one is part of the early automation production line upgrade, which needs to be automated transformation in a specific narrow space; the other is the internal assembly, welding, locking, testing and so on of complex shape products, which need to be operated in a narrow space.

4. Demanding DRP: with the increasing popularity of automated production, more and more customers realize the importance of DRP. In addition to the reliability design of the equipment, the stability and ease of maintenance of the robot also become the most important.

Techrobots advantages in these situations are:

Techrobots  is committed to the development and production of co-robots, with many years of experience in industrial robot design and production. Have enough experience to deal with different work, mature solution and practical application in special environment such as high temperature, low temperature and humidity.

Co-robot are specially designed and manufactured for this kind of human-computer collaborative environment. Compared with industrial robots, co-robot have excellent man-machine cooperation safety and minimize enterprise cost. Techrobots robot not only has man-machine cooperation safety, even if the operator is inexperienced, can learn within 1-2 hours, can also get started to operate, greatly reducing the cost of the artificial enterprise.

How can co-robot help humans work effectively in special environments

The co-robot has the characteristics of light weight, simple deployment, arbitrary Angle installation and flexible operation. In the automatic production process, the co-robot can be deployed according to the needs. With the characteristics of co-robot, Techrobots aims at smaller space, higher flexibility and faster function switching to help customers achieve efficient automated production.

Techrobots  flexible installation, drag the teaching function, established its application advantage in the narrow space.

Co-robot manufacturer


Co-robot can quickly replace joints to deal with joint parts damage. The joint parts are light and compact, convenient for express delivery and entry, and can resume production quickly after replacement. This will greatly reduce plant downtime losses. The joint module developed and produced by tyco co-robot can minimize the types of joints and reduce the cost of storage for users.