"The street stall economy is on fire" robot also begins to set up stall busk

2020-06-12 15:05:32
It's hard to earn money, so set up a stall and be your boss!"

The sudden explosion of street stalls has taken people back to a few decades ago: a crowd of people on one side of a street, spreading rags and piling goods.

The economic downturn caused by the epidemic has made life difficult for many people. The increase in the popularity of small businesses and the renewed emphasis on the "street stall economy" during the two sessions have prompted many people to turn to the street stalls. A two-square-meter booth is a real bargain.

Now that robots have infiltrated every aspect of life, there must be a place for robots in small stalls.

In fact, the robot has already mastered the skills of running a street stall.

The most popular place for street stalls is the night market. "If you visit the night market, you can easily spend 20 yuan." "Ten yuan is not expensive.

It is necessary to have a cup of milk tea in the night market. I believe that many people have experienced queuing in various web celebrity milk tea shops for more than an hour. However, after tasting fresh milk, they are always a little impatient to stand in the queue again. But with the rapid development of the robot industry, this silly queuing phenomenon may be about to disappear.

Just scan the code to select a drink and pay for it, and a cute robot will automatically mix the tea without any employee's participation. The whole production process only takes 90 seconds, and a cup of delicious web celebrity milk tea is finished!

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, milk tea masters spend a lifetime to hone themselves, in order to get a good cup of milk tea.

But now, robots can whip out a cup of mellow milk tea and greet customers, killing two birds with one stone.

In addition to convenience, the use of robots to operate stalls can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Moreover, the technology is mature, the replicability is also stronger, and the floor space is small, which can create ultra-high economic benefits for investors. Based on an average monthly salary of 5,000 yuan per person, the annual labor cost savings will be more than 500,000 yuan. In addition, the robot drink shop covers an area of only 9 square meters, and the artificial milk tea shop needs 15-30 square meters. In places where the land is very expensive, the rental fee can be saved by at least 100,000 yuan a year.

This more than 600,000 yuan cost savings, investors will greatly increase the income!

Drinking milk tea, listening to music and watching performances is also one of the leisure activities in the night market.

As early as in 2016, the performance of the robot has mounted the stage, will be 540 robots optimal choice Alpha series robot, although compared with Dobi now the star of the robot, the optimal choice predecessors have been "youth has gone", but in a few years ago, when the symbol of the high-tech products dance along with the New Year's bell, people still surprise, with wide eyes this unprecedented performance way, different from the traditional dance and acrobatics refresh for the first time.

Late last year, a Chinese-style band called "Mojia" attracted so much attention that it was briefly searched on Weibo.

The reason for the attention was that the band was made up entirely of robots; they were Yuheng (playing bamboo flute), Yao Guang (playing konghou), Kaiyang (playing drum) and a host (little lantern).

These robots are designed by sculptors to be pleasing to the eye. It keeps the robot slim, and there's plenty of room to manipulate its hands and hide the wires through elaborate techniques. Can be for "elaborate".

Suppose a group of robots were busking at a night market. Would you like to stop and admire them for a while?

After enjoying the music, street snacks are also necessary for the night market. Common Fried rice and soup rice can be completed by robots. With the development of the robot industry, in order to meet the needs of different users, the service robot has been improved again. In addition to being able to fry the food well, many interactive options have been added, so that users can choose the taste and taste of Fried rice and realize the personalized customization of Fried rice.
Of course, the current robot stir-fry still has disadvantages. It has to prepare food materials in advance and classify them by human. The robot puts the food materials in order according to the existing procedures. Of course, this step can also be completed by the robot, it personally cooked dishes to your front, is not the same as the landlord Fried rice to you?

In Kunshan, Jiangsu province, a restaurant run mainly by robots is attracting a lot of attention.

The stir-fry robot can prepare the delicious food according to the menu ordered by the guests, and then hand it to the robot in charge of passing the dishes. The robot can choose the fastest road and stop according to the coding of the table position and the input setting. After guests take their food, they pat the robot on the head and send it away.

Besides this restaurant, there is also a robot restaurant in Shijiazhuang. Inside is not cute little robot, but a tall beauty robot. Japanese robots are even more unusual in that they can even dance the ubiquitous "Gangnam Style". Next time you see them dancing in a club or bar in Japan, don't be surprised.

Of course, there is another very common stall in the night market, which is sketch portraits.

Instead of street painters, robots can now help you create a "hand-drawn" portrait in a much faster time.

Goldsmiths, University College London, has unveiled the drawing robot, which is confirmed to be just a robotic arm.

With help from the Department of Computing at University College London, artist Patrick Tresset began training the robot to paint human portraits. The robotic arm has an eye attached to the brain, and after observing the Tresset process, it can simulate its movements and painting techniques, and complete the portrait with constant practice, Da Vinci style.

Professor project director of Fol Leymarie said: "although the robot can draw the partial face only, but its perceptual system and other advanced neural biology system has reached a certain level, we also combines the advanced computer hardware, computer vision system and artificial intelligence, it has human portrait sketch artist skills recognition and cognitive level."

When you go to a night market and see a street stall with a robot that quickly paints pictures of pedestrians, it's no surprise!

Human fireworks smell, the most touching people's hearts.

If the robot set up stalls, become a night market street, less vendors selling, bargaining lively, night market will remain so big attraction?

However, in the bustling street stalls, occasionally appear a few robots, they and businesses together services, so that you quickly and easily get the goods you want, they will interact with you to communicate, such a night market, must be more attractive!

The "stall economy" is popular because it provides jobs and access to income for millions of people who need them. Robots to set up stalls, on the one hand is the performance of the robot penetration into all walks of life, on the other hand is also the market for new and different guidance.

In the dim yellow light through countless stalls, encounter robot interaction communication. The popularity of the stall economy may provide more enlightenment for the robot application market to explore new fields.