Industrial intelligence + human-machine cooperation to see domestic Techrobots to help enterprises upgrade automation

The 21st international industrial expo is being held in the national exhibition center/center. Domestic co-robot enterprises are developing rapidly, and more and more robot companies are emerging with new products and new technologies. On the same day, tyco launched a new series of TB6 series co-robots.

For the automation industry, the market has been changing rapidly for more than a decade, and the industry issues facing most manufacturers are similar -- high costs, diverse product needs, from mass production to mass customization. The iterative products put forward more and more demanding requirements on the generality, accuracy and reliability of the production process, and many non-standard products and complex processes are difficult to achieve manually. "In this context, the manufacturing model has to be more flexible." .

Techrobots arm

Techrobots TB6 co-robot, as a lightweight, miniaturization, human-machine co-robot, especially suitable for automotive, metal processing, injection molding and the 3 c electronic assembly, high torque tighten, machine loading and unloading goods, materials testing, remove, stacked, grinding, polishing, AGV, research, medical, military, aerospace and other fields.

With the improvement of productivity, to be able to realize scale effect, corporate profits, consumers get a cheap and good products, and when the production relations and productive forces development request, ADAPTS will vigorously promote the development of productivity, personalization and flexible production is not needed for the traditional mode of production, personalization and flexible production is not needed for the traditional mode of production, or only on the scale of equipment manufacturing, in many applications, the collaboration with man and machine with high efficiency. Flexible production can meet the production needs of small batch, multiple varieties and periodic fluctuations, and enhance the competitiveness of user enterprises. Li xiaowen, general manager of Techrobots, Shared his understanding of the market changes and user needs of Techrobots, .

Lightweight production tools, such as co-robot, have not only led to productivity breakthroughs, but have also disrupted production relations-allowing robots to work side by side with workers. The emergence of co-robot undoubtedly adds new options for users to upgrade enterprise automation. This lightweight, flexible tool can be quickly redeployed and reprogrammed to accomplish new tasks. The user-friendly operation interface and good investment recovery cycle lower the threshold of enterprise automation transformation.." .

When it comes to the future development trend, Li Xiaowen said, if there is no AI technology, co-robot manipulator is light, compared with the traditional industrial robot, its biggest advantages only on light "ontology", "light of ontology is the carrier of co-robot, AI technology is the soul of co-robot, with machinery, structure and traditional control technology as the support, technical functions such as vision, AI is make co-robot real mass play to the value of the kernel".