3 innovative applications of co-robots

2020-12-09 09:53:52
At present, the application fields of the domestic co-robot market are mainly concentrated in 3C electronics, automobiles and their parts, household appliances, toys, and other industries. In addition to the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing, co-robots also have huge development prospects in many fields. We have collected data in recent years, and Techrobots co-robots have expanded some new work application areas of co-robots.

1. New medical health care:

Due to the safety performance of co-robots and the flexible characteristics of manipulators imitating human arms, co-robots are very suitable for use in the field of rehabilitation robots and healthcare robots.
2. New retail services:
3. Compound robots (mobile robots) in logistics scenarios

The combination of Techrobots co-robots with various AGV vehicles makes Techrobots co-robots no longer limited to use in a certain unit, area, and type of work in the factory, but is promoted to the "mobile robot" in the production line team. It can not only carry out transportation and scheduling between different processes but also can be deployed to any site to participate in production according to the needs of production expansion. or work with operators in specific safe areas.
Intelligent manufacturing of world-class co-robots. In today's innovation and development, Techrobots co-robots improve the ease of use and feasibility of the system for customers by improving production efficiency and automation, reducing the cost of ownership for customers, and reducing the failure rate. Techrobots has assembled many excellent co-robot peripheral accessories or component manufacturers to provide enterprises with one-stop solutions. Techrobots Co-Robots will devote themselves to the research and development of co-robots and help enterprises to accelerate their automation upgrades.