RJSII series joint modules help Gree quickly build coffee robots

2020-08-18 11:27:31
Techrobots(Shenzhen), specializing in the development and production of robot joint modules, helps companies shorten the robot development cycle, quickly build exclusive collaborative robots, and quickly put them on the market so that investment returns are immediate. With the help of Techrobots joint modules, companies can quickly realize large-scale production from prototype to product, and easily achieve product iteration upgrades.

Gree, a Fortune 500 company in the world, independently developed a six-axis coffee robot with Techrobots RJSII series joint modules. The Gree Coffee Robot has a load of 5kg, an arm span of 933mm, and is built with 3 RJSII14 joints and 3 RJSII25 joint modules. This coffee robot can quickly complete the entire coffee-making process from order to delivery. It can also be used to make milk tea, make tea, etc.