Thanksgiving 2019, hand in hand 2020

in 2019, the perfect ending, in the past 2019, Techservo harvested a lot, thanks to all our customers and suppliers in 2019 for our strong support, because you, let us go farther, let us in the robot joint development and production of full of power. Thanks for all your support in 2019, Techservo will continue to provide you with more high-quality products and high-quality technical services.
In 2019, our company launched a series of new products through continuous research and development and product optimization and update to help customers develop robot application systems more quickly.

TA6 series of co-robot: R3, R5, R10, R20, realizing full localization, the first generation of co-robots independently developed and produced, has appeared in various application fields such as automobile assembly, automatic production, scientific research, and teaching since it was listed, helping customers realize automatic production and application teaching rapidly.

RJSII series joint module: 12 product models, high torque, high precision, large output power, dustproof and waterproof, suitable for the more complex working environment. According to different kinds of customers' needs (color, arms spread, load), we can help customers to quickly realize the assembly of the mechanical arm and apply it to various work fields.

RJU series joint module: without a joint shell, it is a joint module with independent design space, which can make customers better design their brand robots.

In the past 2019, all the efforts and gains are inseparable from all tacit Techservo people, because they have brought development impetus to Techservo and all customers, because of your support, Techservo can go faster and further,

The new year has already started. Techservo people will adhere to a more rigorous working attitude and make continuous efforts to provide customers with more high-quality products, high-quality services, and more perfect robot solutions.

In 2020, we will work for hand in hand to create a brilliant future.