The co-robot market is growing at an average annual rate of over 50%. Where should we go in the future?

2019-05-27 16:35:28
Since its advent, cooperative robots have attracted worldwide attention and become partners of human work because of their safe and flexible functions.
Since 2008, the world's first cooperative robot for commercial applications, more than 60 manufacturers have been involved in cooperative robots, and "cooperative robots" have begun to penetrate the hearts of the people, and highly recognized by all walks of life, which is the reason why cooperative robots have achieved rapid development.
Since 2015, the global cooperative robot market has grown at an average annual rate of over 50%, which is much faster than that of the traditional industrial robotics industry.
In the long run, as the rudiment of intelligent robots, cooperative robots have wider applications and more possibilities, and the future market prospects are promising. As the largest robot market in the world, China has always been a "battleground for military experts".