TB6-R5 Medical Cobot

2020-06-30 11:16:00
Our company is developing a lightweight collaborative robot tailored for the medical industry, with a 5kg payload. Its sensitivity meets the industry's high standards. As its accuracy, flexibility, safety, and human-machine collaboration improve, it becomes a versatile tool in assisting various medical tasks by seamlessly integrating into medical devices.
Medical robotic arm
The TB6-R5 robot is versatile and easy to program, suitable for collaboration with various tools in medical, manufacturing, and other industries. Its flexibility and precision make it seamlessly integrable into medical devices, meeting the industry's consistency standards. This robot not only excels in diverse medical tasks but also handles special high-precision work, effectively reducing the workload for medical professionals.
Medical robot
Utilizing diverse end-effectors, the TB6-R5 robot flexibly expands its applications, becoming your versatile assistant for various tasks. Its applications in the medical industry are extensive and continually expanding, including assembly, distribution, inspection, polishing, grinding, picking and placing, material handling, machine tool management, AGV, and more.
Medical manipulator

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