Seven-Axis Simple Cobot

2018-01-26 14:23:08
Tech Robots unveils a seven-axis collaborative robot with a 1.5kg payload, featuring a shell-less design for intuitive visibility of its structure and components. The customizable appearance and upgraded protection make it a flexible and customer-centric choice, ideal for lightweight assembly and high-precision control. Simple co-robot
Compact and lightweight, the seven-axis cobot offers versatile deployment options. With large-angle wrist joint rotations and ±360-degree end joint rotation, it provides enhanced flexibility compared to six-axis robots. Tailored for commercial, life service industries, and small to medium-sized enterprises, it meets flexible production demands.
robotic arm

OEM Customization for Exclusive Robots

Our collaborative robots, based on the innovative shell-less RJU joint module, offer various configurations to meet diverse application needs. Through OEM customization, we rapidly design exclusive casings, delivering unique robots that shorten development time and provide quick returns on investment. Our user-friendly and programmable robots feature human-robot collaboration, drag-and-teach, collision detection, and more. Simplified and intuitive programming significantly reduces complexity, saving time on debugging and learning. Tech Robots is committed to delivering comprehensive automation solutions, helping customers elevate production efficiency and reliability.
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