What is the working principle of the sorting robot? What are the advantages of sorting robots?

2021-01-20 16:08:42
Robot sorting, also known as sorting robot (Sorting robot), is a robot equipped with sensors, objective lenses and electronic optical systems, which can sort goods quickly.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, replacing humans with robots to do some repetitive and high-intensity labor is an important direction of modern robot research. At present, in the logistics system and flexible manufacturing system, the automatic navigation car is widely used, but its main guidance method is electromagnetic or inertial guidance. Electromagnetic guidance needs to bury metal wires and load the guidance frequency, which has obvious shortcomings, poor flexibility, and changes. or the expansion path is more troublesome and interferes with the ferromagnetic material near the guide line. The inertial guidance mainly installs a gyroscope. The disadvantage is that subsequent problems such as higher cost and maintenance are difficult to solve. The ground also needs a magnetic block for auxiliary positioning. In addition, this type of car lacks the function of distinguishing objects.
Working principle of sorting robot

The sorting robot can locate and recognize its way by "seeing" the QR code pasted on the ground, and through the command of the robot dispatch system, after grabbing the package, it passes through the gantry equipped with peripheral equipment such as industrial cameras and electronic scales; With industrial camera code reading function and electronic scale weighing function, the robot scheduling system recognizes the information of the express delivery, completes the scanning and weighing of the package, and plans the optimal path of the robot according to the destination of the package, and dispatches the robot to carry out the package. Sorting and delivery.

Sorting robot composition

Automatic sorting and handling robot, including control core module, power supply module, ultrasonic infrared ranging module, human infrared detection sensor, color detection sensor, human infrared detection sensor, motor drive module, stepper motor, encoder pulse counter, steering gear and Manipulator; the steering gear is used to control the steering of the trolley and also to control the opening and closing of the manipulator; the encoder pulse counter is used to detect the speed of the motor; the ultrasonic infrared distance measurement module is used for positioning; the color detection sensor is used to distinguish objects; the manipulator Used to hold objects; human infrared detection sensor is used to detect human signals.

Advantages of sorting robot

Stable and efficient, it improves operation efficiency for enterprises, saves labor costs and management costs, and promotes the upgrading of factories and enterprises; sorting robots can realize reconstruction, autonomously plan walking routes, and easily identify objects; sorting robots can work continuously and are lightweight , High efficiency, can save 70% of the personnel; the sorting robot can carry out loading, transportation, sorting, instead of workers to complete the processing, sorting, packaging and handling of materials.