Why pay attention to co-robot technology?

Consumption upgrades have generated demand for small batches and multiple batches of orders. Traditional rigid production cannot respond quickly. Manufacturing urgently needs a flexible transformation and upgrades. Manufacturing production methods are developing towards small batches and short cycles. The demand is the flexibility that can be replaced quickly and flexibly Automatic production line, which also means that the production model is changing to flexible manufacturing, and the relationship between man and machine is changing.

The original intention of the co-robot (Techrobots) is to realize the collaborative work of humans and machines. It can realize the integration of man and machine in a certain range without installing fences. Therefore, the emergence of co-robots changed the production relationship and broke the barriers between humans and machines.

First of all, from a commercial point of view, co-robots are the fastest-growing category in the industrial robot market, and their performance is better than six-axis robots, co-robots, and other traditional industrial robots, and has become the market's pursuit. Also, compared with traditional industrial robots, the competition of co-robots is easier.
Also, the co-robot (Techrobots) is a humanoid manipulator whose purpose is to replace human hands. We can see that co-robots can not only take cups in unattended retail areas such as coffee shops and milk tea stations. , Picking and placing materials, pressing buttons, and other simple actions, can also draw flowers, and achieve a high degree of consistency.

The existing co-robot product matrix is based on human design logic, including extreme sports and dynamics design, modular hardware structure design, flexible and reliable adaptation software, and multilingual combinations.

In practical applications, co-robots (Techrobots) can also carry various end effectors, vision sensors, force control sensors, and can also cooperate with AGV cars to form a composite robot, further expanding the application space of co-robots.

Another main feature of co-robots is imagination and openness. Just as Apple’s advantage lies not in the hardware but the operating system, all users interested in the secondary development of the product can develop their applications on its system. The same is true for co-robots. The core of co-robots is not hardware, but a platform.

Therefore, the co-robot is built as an application platform. For users with certain process knowledge or proficient in vertical fields, the platform co-robot can be used on the application side to promote the rapid automatic landing of products and enable end-users to enjoy plug-and-play services.

At present, co-robot manufacturers are committed to cooperating with distributors, integrators, and ecological partners to create the final robot station solution for users.