The domestic co-robot company has launched a new massage robot. Will the masseurs be laid off?

2020-09-25 16:31:51
We have a large-scale market advantage and the most complete industry, which shows that China really has enough conditions in the field of co-robots to catch up with developed countries, and even we are ahead of developed countries. At the World Expo on September 15, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said so.
co-robotsAcademician Ni Guangnan

Ni Guangnan believes that under the influence of the international situation and the epidemic, the number of domestic robot exports will be limited in the short term. However, with the development of technological innovation and the improvement of product quality and performance of domestic robot manufacturers, he is full of confidence in domestic robot companies, and health physiotherapy is his more promising area.

At the press conference of the day, a massage physiotherapy robot product was launched at the Industrial Fair. The robot can complete all physiotherapy tasks, surpassing the physiotherapy level of most technicians, improve the massage physiotherapy service level, reduce manpower input, and improve work efficiency. It has broad application prospects in medical, rehabilitation, nursing, physical therapy and other fields. Second, the robot can record the user's service information, so that no matter where the user receives the service in the future, he can get the same service.

According to the on-site staff, the robot can accurately recognize the breathing rate of others through the front-end camera, and better adapt the "massage hand" to human breathing, so as to provide physical therapy services. At the same time, the robot is equipped with an interactive screen, which the operator can complete through simple training.

In addition to being able to better serve users, investment in robots in the field of health and physiotherapy has also helped the industry solve the problems of employment difficulties and frequent turnover. "As far as massage technicians are concerned, the cost of investing in training a qualified technician is huge. After training, we also face the problem of technician turnover. This robot replaces 0.8 people and can serve customers for a long time. Our cost saving and efficiency improvement are of great help. Basically, our initial investment can recover the cost within one and a half to two years.

Techrobots was established in 2008. In 2016, it began to transform to develop and produce joint modules and co-robots, mainly focusing on co-robots and joint modules, and was the first to realize the localization of the core components of joint modules in China. At present, Techrobots has sold more than 6000 joint modules in China, ranking top in the content market share of joint modules and co-robots. It is reported that Techrobots and joint modules are currently actively operating in the production workshops of domestic factories in various fields.