When will opportunities for human-machine collaboration scenarios break out?

2020-09-17 17:46:37
Co-robots can be applied to almost all work scenarios where humans participate. Because co-robots have the advantages of small size, easy deployment and installation, low price, and ability to work with people safely, they have a wider range than traditional industrial robots. Application prospects.

Denso Robot
Although the current sales of co-robots is only a small part of all robots, analysis of its growth rate and wide application shows that the market for co-robots in the future is quite huge. Since the application of co-robots in many industries has not yet been opened, this will leave more opportunities for manufacturers, and it is likely to usher in explosive growth at a certain stage in the next 5-10 years.

From the perspective of the industry market, co-robots are currently mainly used in manufacturing, including automotive production, electronics manufacturing, food packaging, plastics and other fields. Among them, the electronics industry is the most used, followed by the automotive industry. For example, Ford uses co-robots to install shock absorbers in its German factory, and BMW also uses co-robots in its US factory to assist workers in installing sound insulation panels and waterproof doors.

Robot medical testing
In addition to the manufacturing field, other fields are gradually beginning to be used, such as co-robots in medical treatment to help doctors perform B-ultrasound detection, surgery and drug preparation on patients, as well as the life science industry to assist scientific researchers in completing various experiments.

Robot bartending
Also, in the field of lifestyle and diet, people are trying to use co-robots to make pancakes and pizzas. The co-robots can process and cook food according to human needs, which is not only hygienic, but also greatly reduces the workload of the chef. There are also many applications in the catering field, such as making coffee, preparing beverages, etc., and providing bar services.

Co-robots are closer to human hands. It can be said that as long as the tasks performed by humans with both hands can be handed over to co-robots. From work, life to entertainment services, there are still many potential markets for co-robots waiting for people to explore, and its future market space is immeasurable.