Robotic arm + AGV: Human-machine integration is the new direction of future development

2020-08-06 13:54:38
With the continuous development of the Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, smart robots, smart devices, and software algorithms have been fully developed in many industries, and to a certain extent, human-machine collaboration has been realized, thus replacing the traditional manual mode. Automotive, 3C, food, mechanical processing, and other fields have been widely used.
At present, the research and development of co-robots have become one of the development directions of many companies. So, what are the advantages of robotic arm + AGV? What changes will the traditional industry bring?

Many manufacturers now encounter the same problem, namely labor shortage; in order to reduce labor costs and increase productivity, the introduction of industrial robots is a good choice. However, the problem with traditional robots is that they have a fixed installation position and must work in this space. Traditional industrial robots have certain dangers. Therefore, they cannot interact with people.

Co-robots are not much different from traditional industrial robots in essence, and they can help people complete automation tasks. In this process, the development of traditional industrial robots has encountered some bottlenecks. Co-robots should get out of the predicament. Compared with traditional robots, co-robots have higher safety and flexibility. Therefore, co-robots can interact with people in a variety of scenarios. Interaction, which is impossible with traditional robots.

Co-robots can flexibly change positions, share space with workers, and better interact with people. At the same time, it gives full play to the advantages of humans and robots to achieve better results.

With the popularity of mobile robots, mobile robots may appear in all areas of our lives in the future.