New world of co-robot applications

Application case 1: The "iron bone tenderness" of robots

People often say: There is nothing impossible, only unexpected. The application of co-robots is an explanation of this sentence. For example, robots can also "make flowers with wonderful hands."
In the past, five to ten years, fewer and fewer people are engaged in the flower industry, so it is difficult to find a qualified flower designer to work in a flower shop. With the increase in labor costs, there is indeed a labor shortage in the flower industry. When co-robots can flip hamburgers, make pancakes, and serve coffee, people in the flower industry see hope. Therefore, they want to use robot programming to arrange flowers. This is an emerging market.

Application case 2: The mobile co-robot acts as a small assistant

As the saying goes, "1+1>2" is now being implemented on robots.
When the autonomous mobile platform is integrated with the multi-axis articulated arm, it is no longer a dream to help human labor by manufacturing mobile manipulators, mobile co-robots (also called composite robots), hands, feet, and even eyes. In 3C electronics, medical treatment, household chemicals, mechanical processing, and other traditional manufacturing component assembly links, composite robots can play a huge role.
This year, many companies have jointly developed and manufactured mobile co-robots/composite robots. They can also be quickly distributed in many scenarios such as automated factories, warehousing, and sorting, automated goods supermarkets, etc., used for automatic loading and unloading of materials, and sorting of materials, providing automated and flexible operation support so that the logistics within the factory can be truly " Unmanned operation". In this year’s epidemic, the advantages of mobile co-robots have also been fully utilized and can be used in areas such as body temperature measurement, disinfection, and import and export of comprehensive epidemic prevention data.

Application case 3: Co-robots are human health assistants

Were you impressed by the massage robots at the Robot Exhibition at the China Industrial Expo last year? It has a high degree of flexibility and perceptual planning ability can keenly perceive external forces and environmental changes and can make independent decisions and make appropriate feedback. Robots that are becoming more flexible can also be used in healthcare. Co-robots continue to be applied and expanded in the medical field, such as massage and patient health care, and B-ultrasound detection.
Co-robots not only solve the problem of labor shortage, reduce costs, optimize the space of the site, and give play to its advantages, but also improve the working environment of human beings while improving work efficiency.
It is believed that the future of co-robots will gradually become a transitional concept. With the development of technology, all robots should have the characteristics of working safely with humans in the future. The human-machine collaboration will make the future better.