Application exploration of co-robots in clothing, construction, new retail and other fields

2020-07-14 17:36:46
Co-robots have the advantages of light weight, high flexibility, easy programming, fast configuration, and limited working space. They are widely used in 3C, automobiles, mechanical equipment, traditional home appliances, food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other fields. Co-robots can not only meet the needs of the manufacturing industry, but also have more flexible and safe characteristics, which makes the application of co-robots in new fields such as clothing, construction, medical treatment, and new retail worth exploring.

Compared with traditional industrial robots, the most fundamental change of co-robots is that they have certain perception capabilities and can be used in safe areas. When someone enters the area, the co-robot can be trained to slow down, and after contact with the person, it senses its existence and stops the inherent working process, thereby avoiding harm to the human body. Traditional industrial robots and co-robots have their own professional fields. The traditional industrial robot has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and fast speed, and plays an irreplaceable role in large-scale production. Collaborative robots are more suitable for work environments where production processes and processes change frequently.

Tighten the assembly
The co-robot is equipped with a fastening module and an automatic wire feed system at the end to tighten the engine block. During the tightening process, the automatic wire supply system controls the output speed of the screw and reminds the lack of material through the control unit. The tightening module detects the screwed-in position through the screw-in position sensor, and the electric CNC screwdriver confirms the screw tightening through the depth sensor detection and torque monitoring feedback. The robot can carry a fastening module to achieve fast multi-station tightening.


Precision force control assembly
During the assembly of the planetary gear, the position of the gear is sensed through the visual system, the gear is grasped, and then assembled. During the assembly process, the fit degree of the gears is detected by the force sensor. When the weak force between the gears is detected, the gears are accurately placed in a fixed position to complete the assembly of the planetary gears. The co-robot force control assembly technology can be applied to automobile gearbox assembly, PCB board pin extraction, memory module force control insertion and removal, etc.;

Surface grinding & polishing
The end of the co-robot is equipped with an intelligent floating grinding head, which uses force control technology to maintain a constant grinding force through a pneumatic device. This application can be used for grinding of various blanks in the manufacturing industry.

Handling, palletizing
The co-robot cooperates with the vacuum suction cup to alternately destack and stack the packaging boxes. The robot first unstacks the packaging box from the pallet and puts it on the conveyor line. After the box reaches the end of the conveyor line, the robot sucks the box and stacks it on another pallet.

With the continuous development of co-robots, the advantages of safer and more flexible, gradually make it enter some emerging fields and be applied

Shoes and clothing manufacturing
The electric glue gun is installed at the end of the co-robot and assists the spraying of glue with compressed air. The end of the robot sprays various glues according to the required trajectory. At the same time, the robot can control the amount of glue to ensure uniform gel delivery, which is very suitable. Various scenarios such as the auto parts industry and the 3C electronics industry.

Education and training:
With the gradual recognition of co-robots in the market, the demand for robot operators is also increasing. Robot related technicians will become a big gap in the intelligent manufacturing process. In the future, we can carry out activities related to robot cooperative education through various online and offline forms, and provide resources for training Chinese robot technology talents.

New retail:
As low-tech jobs are replaced by robots and software, robots can not only do better, faster, and more cost-effectively, but part of the automation of the dining experience has also brought fun to consumers, and humans can do more paid And more fulfilling work. Xinsong's dual-arm robot can automatically mix different flavors of wine according to the user's different choices.

Various robots have begun to integrate into our lives. From traditional industry to collaboration, this is a lightweight process. The path of the robot is like the original computer, to the current personal computer, mobile phone, to the future wearable device. In the future, robots will penetrate into human life and develop in the direction of more and more miniaturization, so that everyone can enjoy the changes brought by robots. After continuously combining with new technologies such as 5G and VR and other new technologies, robots may produce sparks that we cannot imagine at present.