human-machine collaboration brings changes to enterprise production

2020-04-27 13:51:58
In the man-machine cooperation mode, people and machines work hand in hand. Production is remotely controlled and monitored by operators, and robots replace employees with manual labor. Both play to their strengths: this is an important principle of industry 4.0. Man-machine collaboration will bring fundamental changes to industrial production and manufacturing in factories in the future.

The market environment

In recent years, with the increase of market demand and the strong support of capital policies, industrial robots have entered a stage of rapid development. All kinds of robots are capable of doing more and more jobs. "robot replacement" has been carried out in manufacturing, service and other industries. Therefore, many discordant news, such as "robot-human competition", "robots replacing people", and so on discordant news also appear from time to time. In fact, we humans and robots can be a co-existing relationship. Robots can help humans do complex and heavy work." Humans can tailor robot production to actual needs. Co-robot is a new form of development that the industry has come to a consensus: human-machine collaboration is an evolutionary necessity for robots, characterized by safety, ease of use, low cost, and the ability of ordinary workers to operate it like an electrical appliance.

In the man-machine collaboration mode, the robot is the human assistant, is to do tired and hard work assistant (such as: loading and unloading a lot of repetitive work). An important feature of man-machine collaboration is that it does not separate and has no guardrails.

Man-machine collaboration: advantages

Maximum flexibility in the production process

Reduce the risk of injury and infection (for example, using dedicated human-computer collaboration fixtures)

High quality completion of repeatable processes

Improved productivity and device complexity with built-in sensing systems

Man-machine co-robot and traditional industrial robot

Co-robot is an important subdivision of industrial robot. Its biggest advantage is flexibility, but its disadvantages are also obvious. In order to obtain the collision ability of control force, the speed of co-robots is relatively slow, which can only reach 1:3 ~ 2:3 of traditional industrial robots. In addition, the weight of the co-robot is relatively light, the structure is relatively simple, the stiffness of the whole robot is insufficient, so the load of the co-robot is generally lower than the traditional industrial robot, and the working range is only the same as that of the human arm.

Application of man-machine collaboration in various fields

Co-robot are widely used in the 3C industry. In order to keep up with the pace of product updates and ensure the quality of production, man-machine collaboration has become the most easily understood solution in the production of electronic products, such as welding, assembly, grinding, testing and other complex processes.