Co-robot under smart factory

Man-machine collaboration is one of the hottest topics in the field of industrial automation. Rather than allowing robots to work independently in a given area, the ability for robots to work together and fight side by side is becoming the industry of the future. It is this market demand that leads to the birth of co- robot with higher safety requirements. At present, many industrial robot brands in the market have begun to focus on the research and development of co-robot. Techservo is a new generation of co-robot ontology and intelligent factory innovation and research and development of high-tech enterprises.

Techservo(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the development, production and application of motor and servo drive core technology, with independent intellectual property rights of servo drive core technology. Since 2016, relying on the company's strong technical foundation in low-voltage servo system, the joint module of co-robot has been developed. In 2019, a series of robot motor, servo driver, lock, incremental/absolute value encoder, RJS/RJSII/RJU/SHD series robot joint module, TA6/TB6 series 6-axis co-robot and other products have been developed and completed, which are widely used in factory automation, automotive, 3C, medical treatment, electric power, aerospace, scientific research, education and other application fields.

With the mission of "helping customers quickly achieve automatic industrial upgrading", Techservo adheres to the spirit of focus, professionalism and originality, and delivers the spark of wisdom to every corner to help enterprises quickly enter the era of industry 4.0.

With the help of Techrobots, many enterprises have realized the robot production line, which has solved the problems of changeful and production efficiency balance. Techrobots are playing an important role in driving the industry toward greater energy efficiency.

As Techservo share of the co-robot and joint modules market has grown this year, we can see the market's acceptance of Techrobots .

Techservo(Shenzhen) will make persistent efforts, in cooperation on the core technology research and development and application of robots to upgrade product of iteration, and at the same time ensure that the product with the matching degree of the market continuously improve, in the context of the current market, the company of the core technology research and development and application is the most important, believe that under the joint efforts of everyone, dependence on the core technology of other countries will be reduced year by year, and even collapse.